More "Tales of" News!! F**K You Yanks!!

Tales of Eternia is coming out in the UK on PSP before the US:


Yeah, well, seeing as I already on Tales of Destiny 2…erm, Tales of Eternia for the PSX, I don’t really mind this at all.

Really, why does it matter if Europeans get a game a few months earlier than Americans? It just takes a little patience, that’s all.

Since it’s not like this thread will spawn any relevant conversations, let me just balance the USA Vs EUROPE latest news: The European version of Harvest Moon: AWL Special Edition PS2 is going to be one of the goddamned slowest games ever, since it will run even slower than the American, which I can tell you first hand, is pretty bad already.

Does anyone here even play HM besides me and Vicki?

I will <i><b>end</b></i> you.

Sorry, Just discovered it. PLus I think it’s true. I am so getting a PSP now!!

I am doing a project on the series… I wrote it last week and my info is wrong… I ask If I can post it…

I played the SNES and PSX versions almost religiously. Does that count?

Fine enough, those are the truly good ones anyway (The GBA one is almost the same as the PSX). “A Wonderful Life” is a bit boring to be honest, the town is friggin’ tiny and there’s not much to do.

I know Ori plays HM… and he’d probably still bug me to play BtN, but I have a lot of my games packed away.

Man, fuck us yanks and drink our wives, I can see you’re as happy as horse’s shite.

I play HM, though I never managed to sit down and complete (Friends of) Mineral Town.