More lawsuits!’s+Death+Linked+to+Game

Another asian dies after playing video games. Reaction? The parents sue. God this world sucks. RESPONSIBILITY BITCHES! R-E-S-P-O-N-S-I-B-I-L-I-T-Y.

Welcome, to the World of Warcraft! They’ve got some plan to nerf chinese people’s playtime. I can’t wait, I don’t really care about the people who play WoW china, but the chinese farmers on my server. I hate them.

Of course they sue, if they didn’t it could give someone the idea that they’ve done something wrong!

What I find really funny is how many people don’t realize that some of these chinese farmers are also from places like Eastern Europe.

Mr. Chunliang has spoken to 63 parents whose children have allegedly suffered from online gaming addiction and plans to file a class-action suit, according to the report.

I suppose nobody thought of telling those 63 parents to talk less with Mr. Chunliang and more with their kids. And joy, a Chinese Jack Thompson.

As a side note, a news flash: Teenager in my country hospitalized after spending three days in a row (73 Hs, to be precise) in a Cyber Café. Parents making a huge fuss about how computers are evil. My uncle, my aunt and myself being treated like time-bombs by my terrified family for knowing how to use a computer. Me hating shitty sensationalist media more than ever. More at eleven.

On the plus side, didn’t Jack Thompson get his liscense revoked recently? At least, in Alabama?

Here, let’s just get the inevitable course of this thread over with:

  1. Parents need to have responsibility.
  2. Lawsuits are the backbone of a sick and fragile society that cannot accept its own failure or random chance, and also the undoubtable biproduct of the capitalist-originated idea that enough money will make it all better.
  3. Omg no its not ur wrong commie.
  4. Jack Thomspon is a scumbag, or possibly filthsack. Your choice. Cuntwaffle is an option for the bold among you.
  5. This is dumb, the kid was for sure a stupid fuck.
  6. omg fascist pig (see number 3)
  7. A side argument about political/economic philosophies or music.
  8. This really is dumb, guys, games aren’t responsible for people being stupid.
  9. Universal assent.
  10. More about Jack Thompson being a cuntwaffle.
  11. More about parental responsibility, the lack of raising children, and the various evils of lawsuits.
  12. Whichever side argument was not #7 now commences.
  13. Someone locks the thread.

There, that’s what would have been here, in one post.

Here’s something we can add: its not becasue that you can expect a certain type of reaction that the information about the progress of world events can’t be shared.

I do like the term “cunt waffle” though.

I agree with that, I was mostly making the post for the point of how ridiculously off-topic and stupid these threads get after a while. I mean, the first posts generally go about responsibility, then things just go all to hell.

Anyway, it’s my second favourite of my made up insults. The best is ‘cliteral-lizard.’ Seriously. Hell yes. If somebody called me a cliteral-lizard, I’d just have to deck that motherfucker. You can’t ignore shit like that. It’s not even ‘fightin’ words.’ It’s a fighting word. A hyphenated one, but still. A fightin’ word. Doesn’t matter where you come from, either.

People are just weak and stupid >:( It’s not the parents’ fault, it’s not the companies’ fault, it’s your own damn fault if you spend that much time playing a stupid grindy game.

MMORPGs are big lotteries. Therefore do you sue Las Vegas when you’re broke and prostituting your poor pathetic self on the strip?

I would.

You MIGHT have a case if you’re a known gambling addict with financial troubles. Sorta like how some states are pushing to punish the bar if a drunk gets in a wreck. I don’t agree with either mentality, but there are more than enough people in the world that do subscribe to it for such a suit to possibly succeed. It probably depends on how good the lawyer is.

Given China’s Communist nature, I demand they imprison the parents for not intervening on their child’s behalf!

Although… China IS undergoing an overpopulation crisis… Hm… Maybe the parents and Blizzard should get a medal for at least slowing the decay of China. Hell, that’s how China should combat its problems: ENCOURAGE computer addiction. If lucky, you’ll thin out the herd.