More Fun Stuff from the Meteorite

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2 new projects, new kick-ass layout :P, and a script sample for V Gundam has been uploaded.

Man, Spiderman: Lethal Foes is just one of those games that just shocks you when you find out it wasn’t released in America, just like that Mickey and Donald game for the SNES. Why would they bother releasing them in Japan but not America? It makes about as much sense as America having a cartoon based on Puffy AmiYumi (and yes, I know that that cartoon indeed exists).

But, if nothing else, I’ll be interested in seeing how that Spiderman game turns out.

Like Snoopy’s Concert. That is one strange ass game.

Anyway, what needed to get figured out got figured out. Now I just need a translator. I guess I’ll give the Whirlpool’s ad section a go. I should have better luck finding a translator for this since its not a “cardboard” Gundam game or a Dragonball Z game. :smiley:

This is actually probably the first game I’ve worked on that I’m really excited about. I mean, DBZ1 only happened cuz I got pissed at one of the incomplete patches and then the rest are just following suit cuz I want to see them get a proper english translation. V Gundam was just a way of breaking myself into SNES hacking, and finally Spider-man and an as of yet unrevealed project.

I already played Spiderman time ago, it’s very nice, and the passwords are somewhat easy to discover without playing the game xD.

I’m lately somewhat unmotivated… although I don’t stop trying to improve my Japanese knowledge… there are still so much to learn… I’ll sign in Japanese classes this next school year, I know the first year will be mostly easy, since I was shown a couple of Noryaku Shiken level 3 exams, and I could deal with most of the written part, but I know it will be worth it, and I’ll learn some things anyway.

Also… I’m afraid that the darkmazda domain has expired… it’s not for sure… but I guess YnT will have to look for a new one… although I guess it won’t be much of a problem… whatever, it’s a pain… more knowing that a joint project is going to be out “soon” (I don’t know when that is xD but the script was fully translated for a time…).

By the way… the Dragon Ball Z 2 title is translated in The Whirlpool as “The Fury of Lord Freeza!!”

Man foo, why you gotta be knockin’ my jokes? :stuck_out_tongue:

Is the Noryaku Shiken the standardized test that the Japanese government gives for non-native japanese speakers?

Shih Tzu said he would translate the script. So, we’re one step closer to an English patch guys! :smiley:

The Nihongo Nouryoku Shiken is the Japanese Language Proficiency Test and yes, it’s aimed towards non-native japanese speakers. Back on topic, is this game really for snes? I can’t find it on emuasylum for some reason. :stuck_out_tongue:

I couldn’t find it on emuasylum either, but I found it after googling it for a couple minutes. I’m not sure, but TD or Epic might have it on their fserv, or hit me up if I’m in the chat.

Its GoodSnes name is “Amazing Spider-Man, The - Lethal Foes” if you search for “Spiderman” you won’t find it, I guess that’s the problem… I didn’t take a look at it…

Found it, thanks! Really nice game and the script looks simple enough to be translated easily. Go RC and Shih Tzu! :stuck_out_tongue:

Shih Tzu frickin’ rocks. The work he did on Just Breed was… astounding. BEST FAN-TRANSLATED SCRIPT EVER!

What game did you say he’s going to be translating for you? I hope it’s the Spiderman one, because that’s the only one I’ll probably ever play. =P

Yep, that’s the one he’ll translate ;).