More free swag~

After the pizza and bawls, what next? Free AMD merchandise, woot. Again, this has worked for some people, but you’re not guaranteed to get product. Alot of these loopholes get closed when too many people start taking advantage of them.

AMD offers free literature about their products, like pamphlets to show to clients and such, for free through their support site. However, the same order form can be used to order freebies usually given out with new processor purchases, like posters and stickers and stuff.

Go here, and fill out your contact information->,,51_52_3592_702^735,00.html?1007420517

Fill out all required fields, then scroll down to where it says “Enter order numbers of desired literature items.”

Here, enter in any of these codes. You can get up to 6 items.
Product#: 25586; Description: ATHLON XP BEZELS (STRIPS OF 7)
Product#: 24666; Description: ATHLON BEZELS (STRIPS OF 7)
Product#: 24667; Description: DURON BEZEL STICKERS (STRIPS OF 7)
Product#: 25374A-RSLR – Athlon XP Banner
Product#: 25375A-RSLR – Athlon XP Poster .
Product#: 24226A-BRNZ – AMD poster - Bronz
Product#: 24226A-GOLD – AMD Poster - Gold
Product#: 24226A-GRN – AMD Poster - Green
Product#: 24226A-SLVR – AMD Poster - Silver

Enter only the product number and 4 color code (if it has one).

Here’s hoping we got in before the close :\

Who the hell would want AMD posters and stickers?

<strike>Me</strike> Nerds.

I never did get my free Bawls.