More Fire!

New Fireman game, by the same guy that bought you Fireman VS Bass. However, that game is more like the classics.


It appears to be X3 levels with R&F and X enemies. Thanks for the link, no doubt I shall play until it is beaten…

EDIT: Ah fudge it. Who uses ‘up’ as jump in a side-scroller? :stuck_out_tongue:

It was fun…

You know, you can, like, CHANGE the control.

I hate bosses, they always defeat me.

It was really fun

Yeah, they’re always so BOSSY!

Originally posted by Yar Kramer
Yeah, they’re always so BOSSY!

thwacks Yar upside the head with a mallet he “borrowed” from Mayl

Gimme that back!! [WHAMF WHAMF WHAMFs both of them]


Neato. His fireball is massive. I wish I could shoot fireballs out of my arms.

Damn Tengu Man. I hate you. I cannot beat you. You must die.

:suckah: kicks Tengu Man’s ass