More Darkness Spells for me! =D

Browsing into the Forgotten Realms Rulebook…
I found those nifty spells

Evocation [Darkness]
<B>Level:</B> Darkness 3, Sor/Wiz 3
<B>Components:</B> V,S,M
<B>Casting time:</B> 1 action
<B>Range:</B> Close (25 ft. + 5ft./2 levels)
<B>Area:</B> A 20-ft.-radius emanation centered on a creature, object or point in space.
<B>Duration:</B> 1 round/level (D)
<B>Saving Throw:</B> Will negates or none (Object)
<B>Spell Resistance:</B> Yes or no (Object)

You create an area of total Darkness. The darkness is impenetrable to normal vision or darkvision, but you can see normally within the blacklit area. Creatures outside the spell’s area, even you, cannot see through it.<p> You can cast the spell on a point in space, but the effect is stationary unless you can cast it on a mobile object. You can cast the spell on a creature, and the effects then radiates from the creature and moves as it moves. Unattended objects and points in space do not get saving throw or benefit from spell resistance.<p><i>Blacklight</i> counters or dispels any light spells equal or or lower level, such as <i>daylight</i>. The 3rd-level cleric spell daylight counters or dispels <i>blacklight</i>

Material compenent: A piece of coal and the dried eyeball of any creature

Evocation [Darkness]
<B>Level:</B> Darkness 5
<B>Components:</B> V,S
<B>Casting time:</B> 1 action
<B>Range:</B> Medium (100 ft. + 10ft./2 levels)
<B>Effect:</B>One ray/2 caster levels (Maximum seven)
<B>Duration:</B> Instantaneous (see text)
<B>Saving Throw:</B> Will partial
<B>Spell Resistance:</B> Yes

You unleash beams of darkness from you open palm. You must suceed at touch attack to strike your target. You can hurl one darkbolt for every two caster levels you have. (maximum 7 bolts). You can hurl all the bolts aat once, or you can hurl one bolt per round ass a free action, starting on the round when you cast the spell. You do not have to hurl a bolt every round, but if you hurl the bolt you were entitled to that round, it is lost. If you hurl all the bolts at once, all your target must be within 60 feet of each other.<p>
a darkbolt deals 2d8 points of damage to a living creature, and the creature is dazed for 1 round unless it makes a will save.
Undead take no damage, but are dazed if they fail their save.

Kor Casts Magic Missile At Booken

This Spell owns your Darkness ones.

Cast Darkbolt on Kor

God, I’m SO tempted to say it…

Aww, hell. casts magic missile inside the blacklight I’m attacking the Darkness!

Cast Darkbolt into the daylight
I’m attacking the daylight!!!1!

k, that was fun, lets stop it here :stuck_out_tongue:

Kamehameha, biatch!

Well…considering that Magic Missile is lvl 1, And Darkbolt Lvl 5, I Still Prefer Magic Missile…

Also…it Ever Hits! weeeeeeee!!!

Black Hole
Evocation [Darkness]
<B>Level:</B> Sor/Wiz 9
<B>Components:</B> V,S,M
<B>Casting time:</B> 1 action
<B>Range:</B> Long (100 ft. + 25ft./2 levels)
<B>Area:</B> A 10-ft.-radius/2 level emanation centered on a creature, object or point in space.
<B>Duration:</B> 1 round/level (D)
<B>Saving Throw:</B> Reflex negates
<B>Spell Resistance:</B> No

As you cast the spell, a small black hole, similar to a sphere of Annilation, appears and start floating in mid-air. Then, its exerce some gravity vortex so strong it by it pulls everything within its reach toward him. The said black hole is not related to the natural space anomaly, but more a simple Gravity Vortex. The Gravity Vortex takes one round to activate, and patchs up at the end of the spell. Those dragged withing the Gravity Vortex are ripped appart by the collosal forces at the middle.

Material compenent: A black perl

Ay Booken, last time I posted something like that on a message board, wotc’s overzealous lawyers told me to delete the post or they’d sue.

WotC can’t do anything if the spell is homemade.
But they are a little protective of their 3E stuff. I have permission to post 1E stuff and some 2E stuff, but they are picky as to what I’m posting about their 3E stuff cause they don’t want their sales to suffer. The reason being is that their D&D line is already a cash vacuum.

Eh-hem, the spells from the Forgotten Realms Campaign Setting are not home-brew stuff.