More BSOD Fun

The only thing recently I’ve upddated on my computer is that I upgraded my graphic card drivers on NVIDEA’s site and updtated my Megaten online game.

I mention that becasuse recently (I’d say in the last week) I get a BSOD upon my Windows Vista x64 startup. It happens after the Windows scroll bar begins flowing but before it gets to the desktop.

The error code on the BSOD is 0X00000019

Does anyone know what this means?

Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!

Check the memory or device managers and see if anything’s up.
Google says it’s a Bad Pool Header. I suggest you search up on it and see what you can do.
Look here for info:

I’ve checked my memory and my graphics card and everyting this to be fine. I’ve had this computer maybe a year now and haven’t had any problems. I know there’s no compatibility issues because this a store bought computer, not a built from scratch one.

The weird thing is that it doesn’t come up everytime I started my computer, maybe only 40-50% of the time and it only happens once. If I manually shut down my computer and restart it, evertything’s fine.

I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled both my graphic card driver and MegaTen, so maybe that’ll fix it. I read the link you gave me and it’s all Greek to me, so I’m hoping that fixed the problem. I’ll post again if it happens.

Can anyone tell me in English why such a thing would happen out of the blue? No pun intended.

Hard to tell what’s causing it, since it seems to differ from case to case. Generally, the error message gets 4 parameters which are supposed to correlate to what might be wrong. General consensus has it as something wrong with the file system, memory, or other devices/programs. Makes it tricky to figure what’s exactly causing it.

To be honest, it seems totally random to me.

I have the parameters (I’m guessing those are the numbers in parantheses after the error number), I’m just too tired to find them right now.

Would they be of any help? I’ve restarted my computer once after reinstalling everything, and everything seems to be ok. I’m keeping my fingers crossed.