Moon Eclipse... kewl.

This is the first time seeing an eclipse (Of any kind) in my entire life. I’m going to be horribly un-poetic and say that I don’t see what’s the big deal about seeing our planet cast a shadow on the moon, hell, it does that once every few weeks only slower.

Still, it’s supposed to be the last time this happens until I-don’t-know-how-many years, so my mom insisted in seeing it with me. I just wish it moved a little faster I wanna go to sleep.

The one I’m looking forward is that “big five” next year. Supposedly in May 5th of 2005, five planets including ours will align. Again, I don’t see the big deal but it’s a huge coincidence.

It’ll be really bright and sparkly and pretty and things like that. That’s the big deal.

Eh… it’s a Moon eclipse, Isn’t it supposed to be all darky and… non-sparkly?

I was talking about the “Big Five”.
But actually, I think due to refraction the moon should be sorta red or outlined in red or…something. It shouldn’t be completely dark anyway. I think. I’m not sure.

Huh…I guess thats what I just saw. I thought it was cloud cover or something.

Don’t be silly. At the exact moment of alignment the Grand Cross will be formed, and Satan and his angels will pour through the doorway from Hell and bring about the final confrontation between God and the Lightbringer. Refractions? Red outline? Don’t be crazy. What are they teaching you kids in schools?

I realize now that my post was confusing. The red aura is actually a sign of the coming battle. A bad sign. I bow to your greater wisdom.
Actually, the part about the moon was about tonight.

I thought the Grand Cross only would bring forth various status effects.

Only if you don’t have a Ribbon equipped or the correct Support Abilities activated.

0_o This thread just left the last realms of sanity. Up to the last post it had a chance but now… Let us mourn it’s passing into the darkened realms of insanity and unreason.

I read that the next one won’t be until 2007.

Yeah, I think in June of 07.

I’ve seen it before, and I was dissapointed. It wasn’t very different from when clouds pass infront of it.

Have you ever seen a galaxy explode? I have.

Yes, and I was dissapointed then too. It wasn’t more than a huge fancy display of fireworks.

I wonder what it would take to impress you Nul… :hahaha;

It was cloudy and I didn’t get to see it ;-;

It wasn’t much really, the moon just looked a little orange.

There is going to happen a solar eclipse on April 8 next year. I couldn’t see this lunar one because the sky was cloudy ;_; curse you earthly skies and your night clouds.

I remembered about it and I walked around the house looking out windows for the moon, but I didn’t see it because I didn’t want to go outside and freak my parents out. ;_; I don’t think I’ve ever seen one before either…