Monty Oum (the Haloid guy)

If any of you missed it, a while back some guy calling himself Monty Oum came out with a little video called Haloid in which a Spartan from Halo takes on Samus from Metroid and then they both take a Covenant army or two. The action’s incredible, and the music’s not half bad either.

A little while later, he made Dead Fantasy - same idea, this time it’s the women of the Final Fantasy series versus the ones from Dead or Alive. Again, incredible action at a frenetic pace. It starts or with Rikku and Yuna versus two people whose names I don’t know, and a couple more get thrown into the mix along the way. It ends with Tifa showing up and saving the other two who were losing a 2v3.

Dead Fantasy II made its premier at this past weekend’s Anime Boston convention, it seems (I was not there). The screening is up on Youtube. I’ve been waiting for this thing ever since I first saw Dead Fantasy. The quality’s not bad for someone videotaping a movie screen. Oum’s still waiting to release a final version to the normal sources.Tifa starts using materia, so there’s a lot more large-scale destruction going on here. The DoA fighters get joined by some axe-wielding partner, and on the FF side both Rinoa and Kairi show up.

Oum’s fight choreography is absolutely amazing. It really puts a lot of what you see in even high-end anime or CG to shame. If you’ve ever watched a good fight scene and noticed that the action seemed really intense for a few seconds, like the animators had packed more frames in there than normal, that’s the level of energy you’ll see as the standard in all three of these.

Anyway, me sitting here yapping doesn’t do the vids any justice. Take a gander:

Haloid (10 minutes):
Dead Fantasy (4 minutes):
Dead Fantasy 2 (11 minutes):

(and as I went to retrieve the links for you, I see DF2 has been posted on gametrailers, so no need to watch the Anime Boston recording anymore)

Jesus fucking christ, these are awesome.

That’s all I have to say about them.

Obviously a student of the Advent Children school of theatre. 8p
Seriously, these are completely unbelievable. Links are gonna go up on the FFC as soon as possible. Just…wow.
And making Rinoa the Sephiroth-style superhero? GENIUS.

What, no Beach Volleyball sequence? :wink:

But seriously: amazing work!

Holy shit

I’d like to send him an e-mail but I can’t find an e-mail address anywhere… anybody have any tips? << Something there, perhaps.

Wait! Kairi can kick ass?

Also, lol Potions.

Holy shit. Best action sequences ever.

I didn’t have any idea who any of the DoA girls are, besides Ayane … or is it Ayame? And Nina – no, wait, she’s from Tekken.

That said: it’s just as well he split this into more than one video, and the third hasn’t come out yet. There’s no way I could handle this much awesome at once.

The next question is … how the hell do you get any MORE over the top than your building asplode, then a fight atop a lava flow, which Rinoa freezes solid!? I guess we’re about to find out …

The DoA characters are Ayane, Kasumi (teleporter), Hitomi (fist), Rachel (axe-wielder; from Ninja Gaiden, not DoA!)

Is it just my fanboyism, or are the DoA girls the “bad guys” in these films? Or is it just that the characters of the FF girls are so obviously protagonistic?

Yeah, I was kinda seeing it that way, too …

What’s the music in Dead Fantasy 2?

I didn’t think of the FF characters as protagonistic by the end, anyway (esp. since Rinoa showed up as a Sephiroth clone) But, uh… is it just me or did he do a bad job on Kairi’s facial modeling?

Edit: Also he got rid of Kairi at the end lolz

He didn’t get rid of her, I think there are five portals and a pair of fighters got sucked into each one of them.
True about Rinoa… she’s the only one who really looked cold and cruel, which is quite ironic.

I honestly didn’t get much of a look at Kairi. She had the least screen time of everyone else.

There are 9 fighters, five light pillars, and Kairi is alone. He got rid of her probably cause he didn’t really want to animate a fight with her in it in the first place. :stuck_out_tongue: