Monster Hunter

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This is a very awesome game. In Monster Hunter, you basically hunted dragons(wyverns), sometimes other monsters. You harvest materials from them to make different weapons and armour, like scales and hides.

The gameplay is unique. You have Zen which you use to purchase/create things. You obtain Zen from completing quests. To do a quest, you talk to the village elder. You start off with only being able to do * (one star) quests. There are up to ***** quests. To obtain the ** quests, you must complete all key * quests. There are other quests you don’t have to complete, though, but it will unlock more quests later on if you do them. Types of quests are Gathering, Hunting, and Capture. Gathering quests are gathering different materials and bringing them to a red box in your camp. Hunting is slaying a certain amount or type of wyvern/monsters. Capture is capturing a dragon.

Once you get on a quest, let’s say a capture quest, you start off in your camp. There is a blue box full of materials, and a red box for gathering quests. There is also a bed you sleep in to recover your health. You take the med potions from the material box, a pitfall trap, 4 tranquilize bombs, a paintball, and your map.

The equipment you have is Velociprey armour. Velociprey are raptor-like monsters. You created this armour from their scales. You also have a Bone Lance, created from small monster bones. Lances are long spears accompanied by a huge shield.

There are 6 weapon types in all. Sword and shield, dual swords, lances, hammers, great swords and bowguns.

You start out on your quest to capture a Kut-Ku, a large, pink, bird-like Wyvern. You find it in an area and charge it by clicking in the right analog stick. You ram into it and, ufortunately, bounce off it’s hide. You have now caught it’s attention. You start stabbing it in the head with an upward thrust, this is done by pressing the right analog stick back. The basic attack motions are all used with the right analog stick.

You’ve beaten the hell out of the Kut-Ku. Now he’s limping. You paintball him, this marks his location on the map. Then you run to his nest and place the pitfall trap. He lands, sees you, and charges at you. He falls right into the trap. You then use 2 tranq bombs to put him to sleep. Congratulations, quest over.

This was your final **** quest. You’ve unlocked the ***** quests.

For those of you who cared to read all this, good for you. Now here’s the part about Monster Hunter 2.

MH2 provides WAY more features. This game is gonna be really awesome. For more info, you could go to one of these sites:

One last thing. This game might not come to north america. If you like it, and think it will, select yes. If you don’t think it will, select no.

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