Monster Hunter

Monster Hunter is a third person action/adventure/rpg placing you in the role of a primal-esque character whose ultimate goal of gameplay is to hunt down various creatures of the land known as Monsters (which really look like various dragons).

From what I can tell, the character customization looks mediocre enough to pass. But the strength is in AWESOME armor, BADASS weaponry, and playing tactical monster hunting strategies online with fellow monster hunters…

The game has been out for a while and I’ll be renting it soon to see if I want to buy it. But the point of this post is to ask those of you whove played it what you thought.

Please let me know about online play as well, seeing as how that is a main selling factor for me.


Wow, that title must have taken them their whole lunch-hour to come up with.

I talked to my friend who has it and he said it kicks some major ass.

I’m playing it right now, dude… And its actually pretty badass from what I’ve experienced so far. Then again, I’m only on the second quest…

I get to cook meat! Fun fun fun!

So I played online for the first time yesterday and all I have to say is this:

HOLY ASS! I thought the game was cool single player, but when you have 4 hunters taking down a giant dragon and chasing it through the woods and over hills and shit, that is an AWESOME rush…

You guys should really get this game.