Monster Hunter 3 Tri

Anywho, this just recently come out, and I’ve been playing quite a bit of it for the last couple of days. It’s actually been pretty interesting so far. It’s sort of a sense of accomplishment when you fight a hard monster a couple of times, get its materials, make its armor/weapons, come back and give it a brutal beatdown.

Like last night, I spent a few hours online doing the low-level quests with a pretty competent group (i.e. not dying every chance they get; they were smart). Had a few funny moments, like where I kept getting launched into the air by someone (couldn’t tell who it was), or where a Royal Ludroth crashed out Qurupeco hunting party (a big WTF moment), and where I Flash Bombed a Great Jaggi and super stunned him (which lead to his eventual death and lots of goodies!).

Haven’t hit the big brick wall yet (it’s coming up in the form of Barroth…), but I’m having tons of fun.

Too bad they made is a Wii exclusive. What the hell is wrong with people these days?

They probably put it on Wii since tons of people already have one. Besides, it plays very well, and it’s DAMN beautiful.
It’s so good, it’s got Nintendo shaking in their boots, since they don’t know if they could match the graphics of MH3.

A 9 Eurogamer review? Colour me impressed. I’ll check it out (once I’m done shooting stuff with that Link Crossbow game, which I got for 6 eu).

Because putting it on something else would have been horrible. They didn’t want to make a completely new graphical engine, and putting it on the Wii makes it easy to say ‘we couldn’t make it better’. On the PS3, those sorts of graphics would have been booed.

But Monster Hunter is about the gameplay, fuck the graphics.

Haven’t got much further lately. Been busy. Really kinda digging the environments. Here’s what I’ve played so far:
Deserted Island - Has a little bit of everything; a cave, cove, underwater areas, forested areas, and so on. You get to Free Hunt here, which is nice.
Sandy Plains - This is an interesting place. Basically, it’s like the dry plains out in Africa, with some desert stuff.
Flooded Forest - Pretty accurate name, but it’s really more of a swamp. Just lots of water and trees. Like the Amazon!

Still gotta play some more online so I can eventually get to this behemoth:
(And yes, it’s a pretty epic fight.)

Finally beat Barroth last night. He’s a very nasty son of a bitch. Managed to take him down with the SnS.
Also took on a Gobul, which is kinda like an Angler fish, but even more kinds of nasty. Didn’t have that much trouble overall, but it took me over 40 minutes to kill him…

Now I’m messing around in the Tundra area, which is home to some weird-ass shit (re: Gigginox; “I can’t tell its head from its ass!”).

40 minutes? Ouch.

Yeah, a good portion of the time, I lost track of him. Sometimes he likes to bury himself underwater, and not come out for a while. It also doesn’t help when it’s fairly tricky to tell where he is from a distance while doing this. And making things worse, the paintball won’t tell you where he while doing this. Really kinda annoying. The only bad part about the whole thing was fighting underwater most of the time. Maneuvering underwater is a bit tricky, and if you can get Gobul on land, it’s a drastically easier fight.

Btw, finally cleared the 1* Urgent Quest online where you have to kill a Barroth (which makes it have a lot more HP than offline). Was some fucking epic shit. This was our third try going after it, and after we had its tail cut off and stuff, I decided to lay down a Pitfall Trap. Figured it was weak enough at this point where it would stay under a bit and we’d get some free hits. Sure enough, it hit the trap and got caught. Immediately afterward, I delivered two jumping slashes to the head with my SnS and killed it. Totally made my day. :slight_smile: So now I can start tearing up the 2* Quests pretty soon.

Anywho, haven’t really updated this in a while, but I have made some progress. Basically, I’m closing in on beating the single-player part, just gotta beat some more quests to open up the last 5* Urgent Quest and wail on a Ceadeus. But I gotta try and beat some combination of either Rathalos, Diablos, or Barioth. Nearly beat Diablos a few days ago, since Sonic Bombs makes the fight mostly lulz if you do it right. But when he hits Rage Mode, HOLY SHIT…I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything move so fast. Then Rathalos…haven’t quite beat him yet. I beat on him a bit and cut his tail off, but figured I wasn’t gonna win, so ended the whole thing via subquest. No point in wasting items on a losing fight. Haven’t tried Barioth, but I hear it’s a real bitch to fight (some sorta saber-toothed wyvern).

This leads into the latest area I got access to, the Volcano. And wow, they made a pretty damn good job of making it look good. I wish I could just show you a screenshot of me mining on top of a volcano while lava’s just bursting upwards in the background. It’s really pretty awesome.

So I finally reached High Rank online, and that’s pretty much it for now. (You fight the same shit again mostly, only stronger this time around.) So I’ll just talk about the rest on the damn monsters I had to face. Probably won’t have anything else to post after this.

Barioth: I may have mentioned him in the last post. Basically, it’s a saber-toothed sumbitch. Seriously. It’s probably the most sporadic monster in the game, and it doesn’t help that it’s also the fastest. It’s pretty fun to fight, but can also be a pain in the ass just because some of its attacks can be pretty tricky to predict. Luckily, if you can manage to break one of its wings (or both), it fucks it up since it loses balance on the ice and slips up occasionally.

Uragaan: Also known as Jay Leno. Basically, it has a big ass chin and tosses rocks with its tail, which it can then blow up by slamming its chin on the ground. But to really fuck with you, it can release gas from below itself, which can either put you to sleep or become explosive. Oh yeah, it can also roll around (ala Sonic the Hedgehog).

Agnaktor: Sorta like Lagiacrus (the monster on the cover), only covered in magma which hardens after a bit. It’s not that bad of a fight until it decides to use its SUPER LAZOR!!! Seriously, it’s a goddamn laser. The first variation of it isn’t hard to avoid, but the second is due to it getting near the edge of an area and then shooting it in a circle. That’s pretty much what kills people in the fight, since the only way to avoid it is to either be really far away or right up on it when it’s firing.

Rathalos: A bit of a bastard. Unlike Rathian, who likes to stay on the ground, Los likes stay up in the air, making it a hard target to hit. Also, it’s got some cheap attacks. First off is the insta-fireball. I shit you not, I was hitting it from the side, it flew up into the air, and not a second later, had turned around and spit a fireball in my face. Second is some sorta poisonous claw dive. Rathalos flies up in the air a way and divebombs you. Hard as hell to avoid since you won’t see it coming usually.

Jhen Moran: The fun fight! Jhen is a large whale/crocodile thing with tusks. And it’s fucking HUGE. Most of the fight, you’re actually fighting it on a boat. The first part has you mostly fighting from the boat, with people shooting cannons and balistas at it, and you can get up on its back when it gets close enough. Eventually, you’ll get the chance to hit it with the Dragonator (spinning drill) and fuck it up. The second part has you fighting it directly…sorta. For the most part, you’re still on the boat, but now you can attack it directly (bad idea generally) as it crawls toward the boat. But you’ll still be using the cannons and balistas unless you have high-end weapons.

Deviljho: Online only. Basically the troll of MH once you hit High Rank. He randomly pops up to fuck you over on quests because he’s hungry. A real bitch to fight as well. Sorta like a T-Rex until it goes into Rage Mode, and then its former scars come up, turns red, and starts spewing rocks and dragon breath. Very crazy shit, but he gives some of the better gear in the game.

Ceadeus: Offline only. The “endboss” of single-player. Think of a giant whale with a beard and horns and you’ve got Ceadeus. Not quite as large as Jhen, but still pretty big. It’s sort of a staged fight in an underwater cavern, with you hitting on it until the last area, where then you wail on it with balistas and the Dragonator. For whatever reason, the armor it gives looks awesome as hell, but has really shitty abilities.