Monopoly Game Music ?! O_o

Yep… this is quite the surprise even for me…

Anyways, this is done by the one and only Koichi Sugiyama whom is responsible for the famous Dragon Quest series.

The first 6 tracks are performed by a String Quartet… fans of classical music, violin/cello/whatever NEED to hear these :open_mouth:

The next 13 tracks are from the SFC game, and the last 30-ish tracks are sound effects from the game.

I realise this may seem like petty spam… but goodness… this is Monopoly Game Music we’re talking about here !! O_o

Anyways… follow the link and enjoy the listening experience.

Also feel free to comment on this if you wish, as this is quite an interesting discovery.

As Mr Monopoly would say.

“These yokels are pure Baltic Avenue.”