Monica in RS3

I have a problem in RS3, I’m playing as Monica and I’m using a Big Sword(Two handed). But she refuses to learn any new waza, the ones she does have are

Blunt Strike
Sweep Draw.

Her sword level is 7, is that the max?

No, the max is 50. Unless you choose her weapon of choice as a two handed sword, getting wazas is going to be exceptionally hard.

I did.

Shrugs Monica overall is horrible with wazas or at least she has been in my experience. The only thing she was ever good with for me was the Epee.

I think some people are supposed to be bad at certain weapons even if you specialize in them on purpose for the eight you can do that with. I never used Monica with big swords. I mainly used her as sort of a mage with Epees on the side.


Bah. I’ll start over then. Thank you for the information.