Mon Dieu! C'est Osama Bin Laden! Roadkill him!!!

He should have considered how no one else was really, like, beating him or or anything, which would be proof enough he isn’t Bin Laden.

And I know someone who could look like Bin Laden if dressed up properly.

I love how you present the logic in your title.

It could have been worse.
He could have driven a truck.

Uh … who do you mean?

Silly French.

But wait a minute! Every source of objective information I’ve encountered here in America makes jokes about the French penchant for surrendering in the face of adversity or a dangerous enemy!

And yet, here is a Frenchman going on the attack when he perceives said enemy!

This does not compute. Error. Error. Must employ tortured and twisted logic to avoid cognitive dissonance and a subsequent loss of faith in the Objectivity and Accuracy of American perceptions of The French…

Well it made me laugh, haha. :hahaha;

Not you, if thats your concern.

How can a car run straight into a staircase? Anyways, the driver was either insane, or was misled by someone who looked like Bin Laden.

I wouldn’t be surprised if that happened here in the US


France is populated by madmen.

Why do you theenk I have zis outrrrrrrrrageous accent!?

I’d run over that mother fucker too if I saw him.

This is what happens when we worry about the terrorist threat too much, folks. :stuck_out_tongue: