MMX8 officially pwned by me

Earlier today I finally extracted every last possible bit of enjoyment I could get out of X8. Here’s what I’ve accomplished:

  • Got a Game Clear file at the very beginning of the game with everything: all X armor capsules, the three secret armors, and everything that can be bought from the R&D lab (You have to beat the game at least twice to do this, I think)

  • Finished the game with X, solo, with no armor, special weapons, or anything bought from the R&D lab (If I lose X, I die intentionally with my partner)

  • Finished the game with Zero, solo, with no armor, special weapons, special attacks, or anything bought from the R&D lab (If I lose Zero, I die intentionally with my partner)

  • Finished the game with Axl, solo, with no armor, special weapons, use of the copy shot, or anything bought from the R&D lab (If I lose Axl, I die intentionally with my partner)

Phew. It was pretty tough, but I managed. This has been the first game in which I’ve been able to do that with Zero, and it’s been literally impossible to do this with X since X5. I’m pleased. My final verdict is that this game is great. Go buy it. Not like, now…but like, RIGHT now. :stuck_out_tongue:

So the travesty that was X6 is firmly behind us?

I’ve always had the easiest time playing Zero, personally. I haven’t played anythign after X6, though.

I agree with Arac, Zero always seems to have it easier for me. Except for the first boss in Gate’s lab, that one is almost impossible to beat without X.

I actually liked X6, you should probably being saying X7. X7, while fun, isn’t as good as the other ones.

But X6 was horribly broken and had the worst gimmick in the history of the series, whereas X7 was merely average.

Now all you need to get is a LIFE.

I didn’t spend all day talking to a bunch of nerds, trying to get my INTERNET back, thanks :stuck_out_tongue:

The only person I talked to online today was you, NERD

I’ll start buying megaman games again when capcom stops handing us this 3d horse shit. I played it at my gamestop (my manager put it in the ps2 for me) and I hated it. Sorry to say though, I’d really like to enjoy megaman X games once more. But the simple fact is that they have become somthing I cannot stand.

X8 was awesome. I really enjoyed it. Haven’t played it for a while though.

While we’re somewhat on this topic, does everyone here agree that Zero would beat Samus?


Your loss. Easily the best X game since X4. :stuck_out_tongue: The game is challenging, it takes dashing and jumping height into account, and it’s even BALANCED wtf! All characters actually have advantages to being used, and they are all perfectly capable of being used to finish the game. I know this is true, cos I just did it. :stuck_out_tongue:

Hmm…is this that ame with the cel-shaded stuff? I read a pretty bad review for it in some magazine, GamePro or something. I guess I might try it sometime.

Thats why I think this game would be bad news for me. I felt that X and X2 were easily the best of the series. I liked X4 alot, but it doesnt hold a canlde to the first two.

In that respect, and because of my taste in the series, I’d bet that this one is too far astray from what I loved about the X games.

Hence the reason that I am in love with Megaman Zero.

Wow. You TOTALLY took my comment out of context. Best game since X4 means “Clearly better than X5, X6, and X7.”

And it seems I’ve misconstrued your comments too…So, you haven’t actually PLAYED the game? Don’t even fucking trip until you’ve played it. It plays exactly like older MMX. Probably MORESO than the PSX ones. So don’t come knocking it until you’ve tried it. :stuck_out_tongue:

Thats just it, I did play it. I played it for about 2-3 minutes at gamestop. I guess I just really didn’t like the controlls.

I’ll buy it used and if it doesnt work out for me I’ll take it back within 7 days for my money back…

But only because you are deadset that it is as good as the older ones.

Play it if you want. :stuck_out_tongue: I just think you’re silly to cut it short, especially after a few minutes of play. The only thing that really took me any time to get used to was that the jumping was faster than any previous game, but that took like what, 10 minutes? :stuck_out_tongue:

One thing I thought was very annoying about X5 was every 3 seconds, that Alia(or whatever her name is) keeps on talking to you and usually telling you common sense things that most gamers already know. (example: You come to a part in the board with spikes or pits, a message window pops up telling you that you need to jump over them. Well Duh! Obviously. She maybe didn’t say exactly those things, but she does say similar things which are obvious and it is unnecessary to have that damned pop up window popping up every minute or so telling you stuff you usually already know, or can figure out yourself.)