I need a good free MMORPG. My Diablo 2 disks are missing, my Warcraft 3 cd is in canada, and my FFXI cd is shattered. All I have are my old games, and while those are fun, I’m getting bored. Even Chrono Trigger seems uninteresting. I even resorted to playing Adventure Quest ( and now only sponsors can play for a month. Not to mention, I’m totally broke. Help.

MAngband: Multiplayer Angband
TOMEAngband: Troubles of Middle Earth Angband (formerly PernAngband)

Totally free, multiplayer variants of the great Tolkeinian dungeon crawler, available at the official Angband page below in the “Variants” section. It’s near the bottom of the signpost.

I’m pretty sure that if you explore the English site, that the game would be pretty self-explanitory.

And mmmyep, free.

The ghraphics arent too great, its got enabled player versus player combat on some worlds, the social enviroments pretty cool

Ragnarok Online

No! Bad Pierson!