MMORPG, anyone?

Well? If I didnt state your MMORPG on here, say it below!

I had a hard time quiting EQ and switched to FF XI. Let me tell you, it’s hard to quit EQ. Not sure if it’s the same with FF XI but I shall find out one day.

Final Fantasy XI.

Character: Ahkeeyuu
World: Cerberus
Job: 45 Dark Knight/Warrior
Race: Elvaan

City of Heroes.

Hero name: Solar Crusader
Archetype: Science empowered hero
Class: Blaster (Using the fire and gadgets power sets)

Current level: 12

Current powers: Fire Blast, Fireball, Fire Breath, Rain of Fire, Web Grenade, Caltrops, Targeting Drone, Hasten, Hover.

Next power: FLIGHT! :smiley:

Hurray for Cerberus!!!

Ragnarok Online.



Yeh, I sometimes find myself piddling around on Runescape too, Kani.
SO, Runescape would be mine, I guess.

I’m not the only one here who plays Runescape? Wow!

Wow, I took a look at runescape, does it make up for its pre-diablo graphics with good gameplay?

No, but it’s free.

Hmmm, maybe you’ll like Guild Wars when it comes out then. Free to play online, much better looking, and possibly with much more depth, then again, I’ll probably never play runescape to do a direct comparison.

No I won’t, I actually pay for my MMOs :stuck_out_tongue:

Thats good, I’ve yet to see any GOOD mmos that are free. Ragnarok’s hacked servers arent good, as Ragnarok is a rehashed version of Diablo. IMO anyway, yes I played it alot, I loved it untill I found better.

As in, I found everquest. Then I found Final Fantasy XI…

That might just be why pay-to-play MMOs are fun because they have thousands of extra dollars from players. Lineage II uses the UNREAL engine, how easy do you think that is?