Mmm funnies....

First of all, two words of warning:

This is an MST3K knockoff, of an article posted on MSN. If you don’t like Mystery Science Theater 3000, don’t click.

Second, there is porn, in the form of bad pornographic fanfiction (otherwise known as lemons), on this site (being given the same treatment). Not on the linked page, but if you wander the site, you will find them. I will not point them out, but I believe this is acceptable. You’ve been warned, wander at your own risk.

That said, this is pretty damn funny, and several of the MSTs had me laughing out loud. This is but one. Enjoy!

I’ve never even seen MST (note to self: RECTIFY THIS SITUATION), but this was effing hilarious. I HATE people like that woman. XD

It’s always nice to see that people can write dialogue to stuff like this up to MST3K standards. There’s nothing to stop the studios bringing it back and making millions off’f MST-Nerds. Bastards.

Funnies aren’t funny!

No, no they are not. I dare ANYONE on this site to cite a single instance in which the Family Circus was funny! Come on, I DARE YOU!

And I love that site now. I have a fondness for MiSTs, since they were the first fanfics I ever read. And that site holds a kinda porn story I’d NEVER seen before, and wish I hadn’t. THose who dare to look know what I mean.

i miss MST they had some awesome stuff

I know this because I’ve got a 3-year-old son.

Crow: My condolences.


rolling around in insane laughter
OH god that was funny. I miss mst3k. Do they still show reruns on scifi channel? The reason I ask is because I have not seen it come on at its regular time for awhile now and I’m getting kinda worried. :moogle: