Missing Games..

What has Happened to Pokémon RED AND BLUE (GB)?

They’ve Disappeard of the Join Page, has some one got them or are they free?

There’s someone who wants Red, but due to a technical issue which I’m working on resolving, I can’t set up web user accounts so I haven’t added the person as working on it.

Ok, Can you tell him or her about: http://agora.rpgclassics.com/showthread.php?t=23930

Uh… you’re going to have the person do Blue and Yellow with Red, right?

There’s no reason we should have a shrine on JUST Pokemon Red, since Blue (and to a slightly lesser extent) Yellow are the same game.

I’ve actually been questioning the wisdom of that. It seems like a bit much to ask people to do multiple versions of the same game at once. Any one single version of a Pokemon game is massive enough. I don’t think we’re going to see shrines getting done if people have to do each of the linked versions.

RPT, Red and Blue are Almost Identical, only appreances of certain Pokémon is differnt… Since I used them both do get Powered up Pokémon that I didn’t pickup in Gold or Silver… Gold and Silver are also almost Identical.

And yellow is close enough that you can just do seperate columns for red/blue and yellow when there are differences.

I think Yellow is different enough to warrant its own shrine, or at least its own section. Different things like the shops selling different stuff, and how you can get all three starter Pokemon from different people. There’s even a story in Yellow!

For those who are taking the SAT’s:
Red/Blue : Yellow :: Gold/Silver : Crystal :: Ruby/Sapphire : Emerald

Not to mention that there are some map changes made in Yellow.

If maps are the reason you think Yellow should have its own shrine, then I wouldn’t hold my breath, since what are the odds that the person doing a Pokemon shrine would go through the trouble of mapping dungeons out?

In any event, I hope we all agree that Red/Blue deserve a single shrine (as should Gold/Silver, Ruby/Sapphire and Leaf Green/Fire Red).

Still… Cless are you in control? or ist it still RPT