The new Magic set.
I have information on a few cards from it, this set could prove to be EXTREMELY interesting.

We don’t have the name yet, but here are the card’s abilities:

Destroy all enchantments

Hm, like Tranquility. Only white and an Instant.

Platinum Angel
Arifact Creature - Angel
You cannot lose the game and your opponents cannot win the game.

<b>That</b> card will be awesome.

Annul is reprinted.
Platinum Angel is confirmed and is a 6/6 flyer for with an ability to stop players from winning or losing the game.
Atog is reprinted.
There are a few more reprints as well.

Buh, what the hell? Platinum angel is way overpowered in the current type 2. 6 mana for any color is easy to get, and having CMC of 6 instantly qualifies it for so many cards that make it cheap and easy to play.

This fucks the theme since it’s big creature, and they intend to remove efficient creature removal and counters for the time being.

You’d have to be a complete moron to attack or defend with that, so they’d better have a helluva lot of good direct damage or creature removal for blue/red/black.

White has disenchants, green has some, but red has none besides shatter (I’m not sure if that’s even in 8th), counterspell has been removed, and black’s creature removal’s been toned down quiet a bit.

It’s going to need to be either heavily modified or have so many things that can cut it down you’d be insane to take it, because as things are, this will be the card that you’d be stupid not to draft.

When an expansion has everyone looking to draft one card that’ll make or break the rest of the tourny, it’s a bad one.

ANy way you slice it, that angel LOOKS awesome. :hahaha;

And BTW, there’s a red Counter card that I just love - Molten Influence. It works GREAT in burn decks.

Viva la Atog!

Molten Influence isn’t new. It’s from Oddysey. :stuck_out_tongue:

They’re shifting the color wheel a bit. That’s why white is getting the enchantment killer, and a few of the other changes. Mirrodin’s heavily artifact laden, so they’re gonna bring plenty of things in to stop a card that powerful.

I didn’t SAY Molten Influence was new. You mentioned counterspells, and I noted that I loved that card.

Uh…white’s always been disenchant color. Green’s just been dipping into the white pool a little more than usual recently. Some cards like Naturalize just don’t belong, though, since it’s a green disenchant that’s not watered down at all.

Buh, artifact expansion? You’ve gotta be kidding me. Artifacts tend to help in less direct ways and when they do do damage, usually do it in a weird way and not for much. I can’t see too many artifacts being able to counter this unless they bring back Jackelops or something similar.

GG: Oh, you didn’t. Heh. :stuck_out_tongue:

The explanation for Naturalize: Green is nature. What does nature hate? Unnatural things. What’s unnatural? Enchantments and artifacts.

White will have Demistify and the like, but green will be the number 1 artifact killer for now.

And Shatter’s in 8th.

Yeah, I understand the reasoning behind naturalize, but disenchant is a white device and should logically be more expensive or weaker for green.

Regardless of whether or not shatter’s in 8th, the other colors still don’t have enough to combat something like that.

Blue has bounce like no tomorrow. Red has Shatter and fast, little guys. Green has Naturalize. White has next to nothing. Black has next to nothing.

How would fast little guys help with taking out Platinum Angel? :stuck_out_tongue:

And that’s fucked up. That’s not the way the color wheel was to be reassigned when they talked about it. Green just borrows from other colors.

Green has one unique thing: Really, REALLY big creatures. Yes, red and white and artifacts have them, but it all started with green.

And little fast Goblins can kill turn 3. I’ve done it.