Mini tornado o_O

A freak tornado in Birmingham, only about 20 mins away from where I live ^^; Very strange for something like this to hit the UK . . . especially somewhere like Birmingham.

The phone footage is somehow amusing. I can’t put my finger on why >.>

i don’t think we’re in kansas anymore lol

A small tornado occured around here a couple of weeks ago, which is probably as rare as it is for you. It didn’t do as much damage since it is a rather rural area, but it destroyed a few sheds, so a lot of cows ran to the woods!

I beleve the UK last hurricane was not forcasted as one. Michael Fish said a lady that there was one going to happen, and he says not, but very strong winds though.

Birmigam isn’t known for wind.

Big Nutter/WindyTWIT
My Anus on the other hand…

Tornadoes? Those things that twirl? I LOVE those! They’re so fun!

You’re not the one that caused this? Are you?


Well, anyways, yeah, that’s weird.

We have had some strange weather over the last few weeks.

First we have a couple weeks really hot and dry. Quickly followed by completely miserable weather, with a nearly day long downpour last Sunday.

All very starnge indeed.