Mighty Morphin' MMA Fighter

That’s right, the Green Ranger is back.


The Dragon Zord left him when he couldn’t pay the costs for water and rust proofing.

How will he fare against foes without a 20-story robot at his beck and call?

Holy Shit.

Honestly, I’m not sure what to expect though. But from what I’ve looked up, he’s got a Sixth Degree Black Belt, and quite a few other accomplishments. Granted, MMA’s a somewhat different beast, but I think he’ll hold his own.

Would be pretty cool to see him go out in green trunks with some MMPR music, if only for laughs. (And pull out the Dragon Dagger after defeating an opponent…haha)

This is fucking awesome!

Dude’s 35. It’s a youth dominated sport. Let’s go with UFC since it’s the biggest MMA federation in the US. Randy Couture is 46, and he has been showing his age for years. However, he has been able to last because he’s a takedown, ground and pound fighter. Chuck Liddell is 40, and rumors are circulating that he’s about to retire. Liddell is a more physical fighter, from what I remember, relying less on his ground game. Ken Shamrock is 45 and a catch fighter. His record has been horrible since his return from prowrestling in 2000 (4-8 with only one loss going to decision; one of those wins will probably be vacated because he tested positive for banned substances afterward). Tito Ortiz is 34 and has been in the business since 1997. He’s a wrestling/BJJ fighter. He’s starting to show some signs of age (his upcoming fight in November will be a good indicator, I think).

These are generally the best older fighters out there. They’re five to ten years older than Tommy. They also weigh more than Tommy, but I’m not as familiar with the lower weight class fighters besides people like George St. Pierre, BJ Penn, Michael Bisping, or Dan Henderson. Still, it’s a young man’s game. His fancy kicks won’t amount to much when he goes up against a legit MMA fighter that can take take him to the ground.

The initial UFC tournies were about trying to determine what’s “the best” fighting style out there. Shoot fighting and BJJ dominated the early years precisely because the kickboxers and karate men couldn’t do shit when taken to the ground.

This is true. Of all the videos I’ve seen, only one karate fighter won against a grappler. He had good techniques to break the initial hold and the grappler couldn’t lock.

984 does bring up a good point. Granted, I’m tempted to think that he’ll likely put up a decent fight, but it’s hard to tell until we actually see him in a match. But, 984 is pretty much right about MAs and Kickboxers getting taken to the ground and not really having anything to counter out of it. I’m not gonna comment too much on it, since I don’t really keep track of MMA in general.