Might as well start one...

River City Ransom EX.

Have you played it, and if so, do you like the localization?

I personally loved it. It kept the same story, MOSTLY (Alex/Kunio does not go to River City High/Reihou) and used the same names we were already familiar with (Alex, Ryan, Moose, Slick, and the others). It’s still a simple story, but it adds so much more to the original…

Plus, customizing your own character rocks.

Sorry, someone already made this thread. I’d provide a link, but I don’t feel like looking for it.

The kicking of asses has returned to the ways of the school of old, bizARF.

Yes. Alongside new techniques and a posse.

Biz-ARF is right, Z. How right it is.

You know how we roll.

Don’t you fight a bunch of identical guys in black suits at one point?

That’s what I heard.