Midterm Madness

Don’t you just love them?
I had my Shaping of the Modern World midterm today. I think it’s the easiest midterm I’ve ever taken: we got to choose between two tests, one was half matching the other was all matching (a set of 30 questions for one and two of 25 for the other), and the other half of the one test was a simple fill-in-the-blank with a word bank at the bottom. I finished both tests in half an hour.
Unfortunately I’ve got two more and a regular test tomorrow and have a chem lab to do for tonight, so I’m wisely blowing that all off to browse the message board.::doh::
My Economics midterm I shouldn’t have to study for, but I’m pretty sure I’m currently failing Bio, so I really do need to work on that, and my art history class just plain sucks. I never thought I’d dread a Friday’s coming.

I’ve been pretty lucky this semester but I know how you feel demi. I have a heatch care studies midterm but it’s a take home deal so I can use all my notes. All the rest of my classes don’t have actual “midterms”. They just have four or so tests that we take after we finish a certain amount of material.

Wait, you thought that test was easy. You should have been in my economics classes. All are midterm and final exams were T/F. Just 40 T/F questions. It was laughable.

I had my last midterm today… Now I just have my 20pg paper on the English only initiative in CA, and a 5pg paper on my family history. Whee, fun. :stuck_out_tongue:

I failed every single one of mine.

Health too.


I have 3 finals in 1 day with a 10 page paper and 2 finals the week before. Life is beautiful.

I haven’t had a midterm exam in years. HoHoHoHo.
I’m not looking forward to the autumn, when I’ll start at the UiS: A local university. That is is, if I’m accepted. I’m sure to be loaded with exams, the Norwegian universities love exams.