I was wondering if there were any maps or pictures of midgard around?

thanks in advance!

Um, what? You mean the mythical Norse city? I highly doubt it.

The poorly designed mecha-city from FFVII. IT’s a fucking pizza supsended in the air. There are some points where you see a map of it in FFVII but there are no detailed maps of it around that I’m aware of.

Ah, you mean Midgar. :sunglasses:

Here you go.

:moogle: Now you can’t say we never gave you anything.

Yes we can. Thats fucking horrible and if you’re trying to be funny you failed.

you forgot to put in the train.

All kidding aside, a schematic of Midgar would be interesting to see. Anybody know about one?

And the sectors are backwards.

I guess I could just take a shot of the opening FMV if you really want a picture.
(since FF7PC puts the movies in plain sight, as plain AVI files)

Not really. Since if he’s looking for a detailed map of Midgar that wouldn’t help. Although a detailed map would probably be pointless because all Midgar is, is a pizza shaped platform on columns with a giant ass building in the middle a city in every sector and reactor attached to each sector. So it’s not really all that detailed, which is why I say it’s poorly designed.

There were only 8 reactors total, while there’s 18 sectors, so there’s not a reactor to every sector.

Where did you hear there’s 18 sectors? I was under the impression there were only 8.

There are 8 sectors. When sector 5 is dropped the section of the city that falls was far to big for there to be 18.

I disagree that Midgar is poorly designed. I’ve seen more intricate designs, certainly, but I find the concept of the city to be pretty original.

That doesn’t mean the design makes sense, tho. Why build a city ON TOP OF several small towns? Why have it split in sectors? Why are those sectors detachable? Why is a train the only way in or out?

(Of course, I realize the city symbolizes the social and environmental corruption Man can bring, but I wonder about the practical reasons.)

Since Midgar is the ONLY city we see with more than one Mako reactor, we can assume that the place was chosen because there were several spots there were the Mako energy came close to the surface. Perhaps Shinra, at the time of building the city, didn’t yet have the power to overrule the government, and was forced to negotiate building the reactors ABOVE the towns instead of just demolishing them and building over them. Then they decided to base themselves there, and the city grew around the reactors as a means to support them, with the lower sectors reduced to getthos, leading to Shinra restricting access to avoid sabotage. I wonder about two things, thought:

  1. Were the Mako reactors connected to the Sector columns? I suppose so, since Mako Reactors much reach into the Lifestream to work.

  2. Why were there self-destruction systems on the columns? I doubt Shinra originally intended to destroy the lower sectors. Maybe it was a security means in case a reactor went wild?


No, the explosives were in the column’s self destruct system. And the explosives may have been there for when the Neo-Midgar project was activated or if the city was to be demolished.