Microsoft Office Update or Alternate need

OK, after several years of use my computer’s Microsoft Office 2003 suite has stopped working well. The image editor doesn’t work (and asks to be reinstalled, which I cannot do as I don’t have the installation disk) and Office Word is malfunctioning. I need either:

Some place I could download an update, or

Someplace I can download a newer version (for free- not likely) or a free alternative suite that still allows me to use my Word files.



I vouch for Open Office. It has everything I need and is good “copy” of Word.

Thanks guys, I downloaded Open Office and I’m currently trying it out. I’m finding it kinda clunky to write with but that’s probably because I need to set it up to my tastes (I don’t want automatic corrections as I write, for example.) I have not yet looked to see if this includes an image editor, I need one too.

If Draw doesn’t do, there’s always The Gimp.

If you use OpenOffice and want to send text files to other people just remember saving them as .doc, the default .odt files won’t be opened by MS Word.

Without a plugin.

OpenOffice is a great alternative.

Especially when people blame the company they bought the discs from when it’s clearly not the vendor’s responsibility if a person’s just being a douche and dodging responsibility for losing their own discs/CoA. So many people with ID - 10 - T errors…

Regardless. Seeing as how you’re not being one of those millions of uppity jerks. I may be able to help you out on the Office side of things, if Openoffice still isn’t to your liking. PM me.

OpenOffice is a flaming piece of shit. Though it’s not really OpenOffice’s fault that it breaks with half the Office-written .doc files, it’s still absolutely infuriating.

Thanks for the link, Nul. Not that people to whom I have to send files will install that but it’s nice knowing it exists.