Microsoft handheld

Basically, microsoft is working on a PSP +1. Hoo boy.

lol? How did the 360 even work out? Seems like that big doody doo has faded pretty quickly

Umm… no it hasn’t. It’s sold out practically all across the country. Last I checked, that’s considered a “success.”

If you can’t wait for a Microsoft handheld, don’t worry; they’re making plenty of games for Nintendo’s handheld in the meantime. Age of Empires II is already available, and a new Banjo Kazooie is on the way.

Considering that the psp hasn’t been too appeling in comparison to the ds, I can hardly think microsoft can do much of a better job, though i could be wrong. But what is this about age of empires on the DS? if that is true i must surely get one immediately.

Or a supply shortage.



Whoever wrote this article is incredibly uninformed…Microsoft’s new platform is Oorigami, which is just a redesign of the PDA for the “multimedia consumer”. They basically took a tablet PC, shrunk it down to a luggable size, and added Windows Media Player so that they could call it a multimedia device. Its not even a fucking “system”, its a platform, so any third party (Acer, HP, Panasonic) can produce an Oorigami certified device (kind of like how VIIV or Centrino works). You can see pics of an Asus Oorigami device, and see the interface <a href=“,03,13,5689595-1.htm”>here</a>.

EDIT: This looks actually more like its old, rather than just uninformed…

afaik, Transmeta doesn’t exist anymore (or is bankrupt).

I hope that name has a meaning, and isn’t a sad attempt to make it sound Asian and try to appeal to the so far reluctant Japanese public.

<A HREF=“”>Age of Empires II (NDS) official website</A>
<A HREF=“”>Age of Empires II (NDS) official website at Majesco Games</A>
<A HREF=“”>Age of Empires II (NDS) at</A>
<A HREF=“”>33 reviews of Age of Empires II (NDS) at</A>

Released in the US in February, due in Europe in May, unknown about JP release. The port was handled by <A HREF=“”>Backbone Entertainment</A>, creators of Death Jr., and published by <A HREF=“”>Majesco</A>.

I think it does, its probably a horrible Web2.0 buzzword that references the way origami turns normal paper into a work of art, and how their new devices will turn a regular TabletPC into a multi-function device.

From what I could see, this is not about the Oorigami, but rather, a different handheld alltogether. I’m not holding my breath to hear about it from an official source, however.

You talk about a different kind of success than the vast majority of people here. Sales don’t make a system worth playing. The 360 is barely a blip on my radar. The only reasons I can’t ignore it completely are HEXIC and NHL 2006, neither of which even come close to worth buying the 360 for. At least not until it drops $400 in price.

The 360 was amazing when it was specs on a website. Now that it’s come into existance, it really, really fucking blows. I know I’m not the only one who’s not impressed -_-;; Let’s hope the PS3 and Revolution have some industry-crashing titles on their release, because the 360 is nightmarishly awful so far.

As a side note, sales don’t make it a financial success either. When the cost of production per unit is higher than revenue, you’re relying on games and longevity for income. An initial explosion in sales doesn’t mean it’s going to be successful. Look at the Dreamcast. It’s wierd because microsoft is usually GREAT at selling cheaply made shit for astronomically high prices, but now they’re making the same mistakes they did with the X-Box.

Yeah, I had actually heard it was just some huge blunder on Microsoft’s part.

Hades: I’m not impressed with any of the games on it so far, either. As far as I personally am concerned, it’s not living up to “next-gen” quality. However, I don’t make the market. Sales do. If something sells well, it’s considered successful and they follow it up. Same with TV, if something gets good ratings, they continue it, even if I personally, or even everyone in my demographic don’t like it. Personal opinion doesn’t control these things, numbers do. The fact is, it’s still highly anticipated as a whole, it’s still selling out everywhere, and, even if it doesn’t appeal to us (yet or ever), it’s got enough go power to at least make it until the PS3 launches. Then, we’ll find out it’s fate.

But that honestly doesn’t matter. They can sell millions and millions of systems <i>and still never turn a profit</i>, because the system is sold at a loss (around 100USD or something right?). Microsoft makes their money through the sales of the games for the system and we all just agreed that there are no games we’d play. So how can the system (at this point in time) be called a success?

If Microsoft put an Xbox 360 game out on the market today, and Sega put a Dreamcast game on the market today, which would sell more? The X360 game, because demand is higher, and the installed user base is higher. Right now, Microsoft is playing the same game that Sony did in 2000. There were no outstanding PS2 games in its first year (though some argue that Tekken Tag and Madden 2001 were outstanding), but Sony continued to sell units. Then, when Xbox released, and the same game was released for both systems, the PS2 version sold more because more people had bought PS2s over the course of a year than Xboxes over the course of a week. That’s what Microsoft is counting on.

Oh Mr. Saturn. Do you ever tire of proving me wrong? <img src=“”><img src=“”><img src=“”>

I promise that’s not my purpose… ;>_>