MGS Soundclips

I’m looking for the soundclips from Metal Gear Solid. Namely the following:

~The Codec Beep
~Game over (Colonel: Snake? Snake?! SNAAAAAAKE!!!)

Those are the only two that I’m HEAVILY interested in finding. Any others would be greatly appriciated. I’m not looking for MGS2 or MGS3 as I’ve already found some from those.

Any help?



But seriously… I guess this means no one knows of a place?

Ok, second option, and a little more tricky:

Anyone know how I can rip the soundclips off of the CD myself?

AHAHAHAHAHAHAahahahahahalololol. <a href=“”>Does this look fun to you?</a>

Yea right. You need to have pretty intricate knowledge of x86 assembly to do it. You take the PSFLab tool, open your ISO, then read through it and find the clips, then save them. It sounds easy, but trust, its waaaaaay too much trouble than its worth, especially since the clips you want are so small.

I put about a month of work into trying to rip the RR4 audio from my RR4 CD. I got nowhere. I groped around in the dark for a month. Its ridiculously difficult.

But hey, knock yourself out, if you want. <a href=“”>Neil Cortlett’s Page</a>.

  1. Put CD in boombox
  2. Turn up volume all the way (this is key)
  3. Press play
  4. Enjoy and send me your money for helping you


TY, this is alot better than nothing. At least I have somewhat of a chance with this. I was getting nowhere fast with the internet.