Metroid Zero

I noticed that on Metroid Zero one is able to use the Speed Boost’s energy with Morph Ball, which makes for some interesting moves. However, as I was going through the game, I noticed a line of blocks that can only be broken with the Speed Boost, but they were only in a single line, I figured I’d have to pick up speed and use the special dash in order to go through them like a cannonball. The thing is, every time I try using that special dash, Samus always jumps up a little bit before blasting off, and that won’t do at all because that line of blocks is right above floor level. There’s a hole nearby, but if I try cannonballing from there, Samus will just hit the wall slightly above her position, wasting the whole effort. Has anyone figured this one out yet?

There a slope. You need to jump-dash on the slope as the speedbooster-charged ball.

Hmmm… If I recall, that slope is in the long room to the right. Well, I’ll check that place out as soon as I start my second playthrough. And was it just my imagination, or was there a block somewhere in the original areas that required a Power Bomb to break? Hmmm… that seems unlikely, since I’ve never found a way out of Chozodia and back into the other areas, although the general map schematic suggest that the areas are connected.
Two more things: The item I’m trying to get is the Super Missile Tank in Brinstar, and… well, I’ve seen several blocks that can only be broken with a Screw Attack. Their locations suggest that there may be a quick route through the areas, that would be usable later on to get the last items, but I’m not sure.