Metroid: Other M gameplay footage!!

I think I just had a multiple nerdgasm.

I’m very curious. OTOH all the scenes are action-y, but when even Metroid pinball hasn’t disappointed me, I’m giving Metroid:M the doubt of the benefit.

Hooray it’s my website!

I dont think I’ll ever understand why people have a problem with it being “too action-y.”

Because Metroid is primarily an exploration game? It’s not as if there’s no shooting in the games or as if other approaches can’t work (like Metroid Fusion’s more streamlined one) but Metroid has developed certain features that differentiate it from generic action shooter X. Have you played Super Metroid?

Yeah, and I shot shit up as much as I explored. This doesn’t seem to be any different. I mean, she shoots more shit, and some of it is more choreographed. Who cares? It’s not like they’re gonna dumb down the exploration.

The gameplay is looking very good. And more importantly it looks to include all of the classic powerups like the Speed Booster, the Space Jump Boots, and the Screw Attack that were left out or severely gimped in the Prime trilogy.

However, the story portions are looking more and more ridiculous by the trailer.

If I had your powers of precognition, I’d be unconcerned too. :wink: However, if Nintendo could find people to turn Metroid into 3D successfully, they are probably well in control.