Metroid Metal

Anyone besides me (and the people I showed it to in the chat :P) ever seen this?

One of my good pals showed it to me yesterday; appearantly, this guy took his guitar and a high end synth, and remixed almost every song (he still has a few to go) from the Original Metroid on NES into ‘metal.’ Most of the remixes are really good. Even though I don’t believe that all of them should be remixed in the exact same genre, they’re really nicely done, and I am thoroughly impressed. Hell, I don’t like metal. I don’t like Metroid. But I like this stuff :stuck_out_tongue: Y’all should give it a listen.

The minibosses and SSH are better.

Certainly impressive I’ll give it that. I’ve never heard Samus Aran’s own music so rocked out…though unfortunately I don’t think I’ll ever rock out to it.

I belive this is what we refer to as “teh r0xx0r”. \m/

Minibosses :P. Seen it live multiple times. I like their version better because certain parts of the “metal” version are dischordant imo.

You know Sin, dissonance IS done on purpose sometimes :stuck_out_tongue: Especially in that particular genre.

And I dunno, I really think the minibosses are…well, ok. They don’t have a very amazing drummer, and that makes the entire band sound mediocre I think. :stuck_out_tongue: Minibosses are nice, but overrated I think.

It’s kinda funny that this is coming from the same person who once scolded me because he said he utterly detested “fanboys” or something like that XD

Anyway, I really like the theme song remix, he took a slow song and totally rocked it out. It’s a very nice piece of work.

I just figured this would be a great place to mention the “should be known by now”

awesome music there, check out Ailseans Metaltroid , its pretty similar to the stuff by stemage. I mainly love the super metroid songs “4 little metroids” and “Zebesian Midnight”

likewise, i have over 800 OCremix mp3’s on my HD at the moment, so i’ll just stop listing good songs at the best of the metroid ones, (in my opinion, of course)