Metroid fish

This is the most awesome-looking fish ever. :smiley:

Yeah that’s a really cool one. There are some interesting things the further deep you go. Interesting fact is that the majority of organisms in the water can display bioluminescence and the deeper you go the more of them do it.

Yeah I know of the deep sea fangly fish with the christmas lights, but this one has its eyeballs housed inside its transparent head.

It’s like a fish with a moon roof. :3

oh man, when Vicki sees this she better be wearing a wet suit.

You know the James Bond movie where he’s got the invisible car? There’s a fish that evolved a system like that. It’s got some photorecepters on the top of it’s body connected to some bioluminescent cells on it’s underbelly. It can mimic sunlight filtering down from the top of the ocean so predators looking from below it won’t be able to see it’s outline.

Whoa! Just when I thought I’d already seen the weirdest things evolution can come up with! :eek:

That fish is cute.


I agree, it is pretty cute.

That’s pretty interesting. There’s all sorts of neat adaptations that no one would have thought of in the marine world.