Metal Gear Solid - Plot Questions - SPOILERS INSIDE

OK, I’ve got some questions about the overall plot of the Metal Gear series as a whole. Needless to say, I understood Metal Gear Solid, and Metal Gear Solid 3… And up to a certain part, I was following MGS2… But then it got all screwy and started hinting at things like Shadow Moses being a staged event. And then the whole bit where the Colonel isn’t real…

What the fuck was going on? Is there a plot cannon(sp?) that I can read about this information on?

Does anyone have a non-fucked up way of explaining what really happened over the course of MGS & MGS2?


I’m sure GameFAQs has one.
What I got from that is that the original Shadow Moses was real, but that the plot of MGS2 was designed to be similar to the Shadow Moses incident. So MGS2 was staged, not MGS1.

The Colonel is a “real” person (in the game’s story), but the one talking to Raiden isn’t. He’s a computer program that just looks and sounds like him.

Yeah, GW used Raiden’s imagination and acted as the Colonel.

“I was driving down the road one nite… and I saw some flashing lights in the sky…”
~Fake Colonel

hehehe, so funny

There’s still one thing I understand…why risk the chance of nuclear war to just see if you can turn a soldier into someone with the same ability as Snake? It doesn’t make sense why someone would risk so much…

One thing is obvious though…it doesn’t seem like no one thought Snake would interfere. I KNEW something was wrong when the Colonel was so cold about Snake being on board, I’m still surprised Snake didn’t say anything to the Colonel to try to figure out the situation…

It wasn’t about turning someone into Snake, it was about controlling information. Watch the part before you fight Solidus, and it explains that Ocelot was wrong.

The important thing to know about MGS2 is that Kojima sees storylines as merely a way to keep people interested in the game, and not as the core of the game. As a side-effect of this, he tends to put a lot of stuff into his games not because it’s actually relevant to the story, but because he finds it interesting - and luckily it usually keeps the player interested in the game as well.

Additionally, Kojima really didn’t want to make MGS2, so he did a lot of bitch things, like making Raiden the main character instead of Snake and making the story incredibly convoluted on purpose. MGS2 is full of little spots of defiance left behind by Kojima. All these things simply add to the mythos that is Kojima - the man is so good that he doesn’t fear making a flawed game or pissing his fans off, and even goes out of his way to do so. The story behind MGS2 is perhaps more interesting than the story in the game itself. =P

All I have to say for MGS 2 plot. Worst plot ever.

But did that stop you from playing it?

Yes, sadly. I know it’s kind of stupid, but the plot angered me so much I didn’t play through all the way. My friend’s just told me how it ended, thus making me want to play it even less. MGS3 however I loved with every part of my being.

I thought MGS2’s plot was quite interesting, if you take the time to go through it properly and try to understand it.

MGS2 wasn’t that bad, it was just short, and Raiden :stuck_out_tongue:

When I bought MGS2, I checked the back of the box, and all I saw was Snake, Snake, and more Snake. I didn’t see Raiden. God, was I suprised when 1/100 of the game is played by Snake. Then all the rest is played by that pussy Raiden. :stuck_out_tongue: