Metal Gear Solid... 4?

You heard it right, according to this aricle;


Today, at Konami’s European Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater launch event, Hideo Kojima, producer of the MGS games, revealed that Metal Gear Solid 4 is being planned for next-generation consoles. While he didn’t say what console/s it will be on, he did give some info about the game itself.

MGS4 will be the beginning of a new series/plotline featuring Solid Snake. Speaking about the concept of MGS4, Kojima said that there will be “no place to hide.” He also joked that there will be “no place for Hideo.” He will be stepping out of the main spotlight and assuming the role of executive producer. Ken-Ichiro Imaizumi will be taking the reins as the producer.

“We’ll be taking it [MGS 4] to the next-gen and we want to feature a fresh, intriguing storyline and gameplay plus captivating graphics and more features while remaining true to the core of the MGS series - remaining Solid. We hope you’ll enjoy,” said Imaizumi at the launch event today.

'No place to hide"? Sounds like they have a surprise in store. Not surprising, what with the added bonus of ‘No more Hideo’, wonder how the new guy turns out.

I still need to play MGS3, so I’m ditching this thread after this post, but it was worth mentioning since there are some other MGS fans who are a bit more current than I.

It was obvious, the way they ended Sons of Liberty and Snake Eater.

There’s also Metal Gear Ac!d coming out for PSP, probably a lot sooner.

Dude. That’s fucking awesome! Maybe it will follow up on Eva’s story after she like, disappeared. OR, bring Raiden back. Well, hopefully not the latter.