Metal Gear Solid 2:Sons of Liberty

Okay, this is’nt really help but i was reading a review of MGS2:SoL at and I could not remember this one part they are talking about it. “A few sequences aren’t as good as the majority–for example, at one point you need to make a series of death-defying leaps, but the awkward perspective of the scene makes it very difficult to do so.” I’ve played through the game twice and I just can’t remember this part so if anyone could remind me what happened that would be very helpfull.

Might be when you’re travelling along one of the knackered bridges on the second complex (struts G-L IIRC) and you have to cartwheel over a few holes in the floor… I would hardly desribe those leaps as death-defying, though, nor would they technically qualify as leaps per se.

I assume its after the harrier fight.

Neb’s pretty much right. Gamespot’s talking crap. As usual.