Merry Christmas all!

And to all a good night. I will not be able to enjoy anything really today until I get home from work. Even drunken relatives need their PCs fixed…

Merry Bah! Humbug! Days.

To all those who celebrate it, a very merry one indeed.

Happy festivus. I’m wasted beyond recognition, so I’ll shut up before I start resembling Info.

I’ll let my Sig say it for me. :slight_smile:

Melli Kulisumasu!

Should you celebrate today?

Ah yes. “Merry Christmas” to you as well. Though as an enlightened and intelligent modern humanist/evangelical atheist i’ve spend most of my day the logical way, reading Dawkins and Hitchens by candlelight in my study, kept warm by the fire.

I’m just in it for the presents.

So yeah, happy holidays and stuff.

Eh, I suppose you’ve noticed the religious aspect is nowadays but one of the aspects of Christmas.

I got me an Orange Box and a Phoenix Wright.

You’re damn right it was a merry christmas.

I got this stuff so far.

Awesome moment in Snow Crash: it takes almost two full pages to describe the violence Hiro has to put up with, and how heavily armed he is, then gets around to mentioning that he does this in the capacity of a pizza delivery boy.

Lookie what I gots.

This was not asked for, so it was a COMPLETE surprise when I woke up and saw it on my desk. So, woohoo.

I barely got anything. Just some socks, boxers, and deodorant, which I had asked for because I needed new ones. Each year the gift-giving part of Christmas becomes less and less important in my family.

I liked Christmas Eve better than Christmas, since I saw a bunch of great movies with my family.