Merlyn must shovel snow

I kindly request that the Agora Banner be replaced by the classic one which depicts Merlyn performing various acts of physical work, such as shoveling snow.

And… go.

To do this we’d need to have a vote, then the maker of the banner would have to recriminate everyone else for not using his banner sooner, then we’d have to have another vote on whether or not to use the old one or the new one, then assuming THAT vote passed we’d need to wait a week or so for it to be uploaded.

I don’t have any of my files with me. So no Merlyn Shovelling going on this winter.

I want to see shoveling.

You might as well just cancel christmas.

He just did.

Christmas is cancelled.

Why don’t we cancel New Years Eve while we’re at it? That way we won’t have to worry about the Millenial Fair.

Let’s cancel all traditions. That way, we can work more and earn more money.


Young and foolish

wassup guyz

Good news everyone I finaly got my christmas shopping done for everyone on the…

Forum…oh poo. ;_;

Working holidays gives you more money.

984 = Mr. Grinch

Sorry. X is the Grinch.

I’m more of a Mr. Scrooge.

If Christmas is cancelled then I’m keeping the Turbografx-16 I got my friend.

bmo wins this thread

You are a stupid piece of shit. >:O

I take high umbrage to that comment.

Setz, don’t spam. DVD, don’t flame.

agrees in his quiet way