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[b]Hmm…I am now picturing some twisted hybrid between a mentos commercial and that japanese Arnold Unpronouncable commercial that spawned Urk’s avvie, AKA the “Bwain” commercial.

:mwahaha: [/b]

And I’M the evil one?


Man, Charle, it’sbeen like a year since I saw that pic! Thanks for the reminder! :slight_smile:

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[b] Yes, this certainly does warrant an OMG WTF STFU LOL FHQWHGADS.

I agree with Onslaught. And this disturbs me. [/b]

I second that.

Actually… I may sound morbid for saying this, but it reminds me of the scuffles I get with… well, almost everyone.

Darhar, thats damnedably funny.

Haha, Counter-Strike’s great, isn’t it.

Mentos advertisements are, and have always been, freaky: This one would fit perfectly into the rest of them.