Menty fresh!

That’s why you shouldn’t steal your friend’s pokemon cards :wink:

That’s right you don’t take mah shit, bitch.

Wow. Thirty seconds of my life wasted. Thanks.

That was great :stuck_out_tongue:

what the fuck?

Oh, CC, to let you know, it’s 32 and a half seconds.

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what the fuck? [/b]

I second that.

Does anyone remember that Family Guy episode where Jon Wilks Booth tried to assasinate Lincoln and then when Lincoln caught him he held up the pack of mentos and everybody had a good laugh?

Yeah, seeing as all my friends own the box set of Family guy. Every time I go somewhere it’s “Let’s watch Family Guy!”
I love the show though :stuck_out_tongue:

O_O; WTH?!

Scias: Why is the guy in your avatar being cruxified?

Ever see Trigun? If not, then you wouldn’t know that it’s a huge gun which also holds a small arsenal of handguns.

I love it.

That was cool. Gotta get me that gun, oh and some mentos too.

Of course. It reminded me of the JFK Pez Dispenser gag.

The box set kicks ass. I want volume 2 so bad.

Family Guy is my favorite show in the whole wide world ^^. And that does deserve a “WTF!”

Yes, this certainly does warrant an OMG WTF STFU LOL FHQWHGADS.

I agree with Onslaught. And this disturbs me.

I remember that pic!

Hmm…I am now picturing some twisted hybrid between a mentos commercial and that japanese Arnold Unpronouncable commercial that spawned Urk’s avvie, AKA the “Bwain” commercial.