Megaman Zero fans...

I know there was just a megaman zero thread a little bit ago… and I know this SHOULD probably go into the sprite thing… But I doubt many people visit that thread and thus would like to post this here.

I was just messing around in photoshop with some zero sprites I had… And i made this avatar. If anyone wants to use it feel free. I didn’t want it to go to waist.

RPGCSprite HQ Board. Stop trying to buck the system, man. >:(

Its not about bucking the system. Its about getting people to see somthing that normally would go to a place that most people dont care about.

Of course, this will probably get moved anyway now, wont it?

Why is it pink?

pink? hmm, well I used a color range that was closer to purple but it may come off as pink…

Well, considering that it DOES infact look pink… I’ll pretend that it was intentional and was made to symbolize Ceil’s datapad screen which (knowing her) would most likely be pink.

Looks blue-ish to me.

It looks purple on my school’s comp. Nice gif you got there~