Megaman X1 and X2

Ofcourse the guy used alot of save states, but it’s still pretty cool.

I was gonna post this!
gets out crowbar

gets out the chair
“The Champ, is here”


Dammit, none of my players will load it. Save for Win media Player, but it only had sound.

Where can I download the codecs needed for this? I primarily use media player classic.

Installing ffdshow should do the trick, it made it work last night on my friend’s computer.

Doesnt work.

I need a codec package that seemingly everyone’s got by now, actually; a LOT of videos have been corrupted for me lately, even the vids in some official products (like the tutorial in Silent Hunter 3). Something everyone has, for there to be this few complaints.

Incidentally, I get sound but no video.

I know about that place there’s like japenes people passing super metroid in 27 minutes