Megadeth - The System Has Failed

It’s Megadeths new album, and it’s pretty good. It’s not Megadeth at their prime, but there’s not really a bad song on it. Most of them pick up if they start off a little slow. There’s the traditional ‘Dave Mustaine playing really fast’ guitar solos, as well as Chris Poland on a few tracks.
Has anyone else heard it?

Omg not a megadeath! Oh, the band, Megadeath. Sorry don’t keep up with music news all that much.

Not yet, but it shall be added to my “collection” soon. Hehehe…hahaha…MWAHAHAHAHAHA!

I’ve heard some of the songs (free on their website) such as “Kick the Chair,” and I must say that I’m excited to own it.

I thought Dave couldn’t play guitar anymore? (Because of some injury or carpal-tunnel-like ailment) ?

propably will get is as soon as i get some money

I heard he fell asleep with his arm over a chair, and the nerves got fried. I’m not sure, though.

I’ve heard a few songs from the CD (Winamp is set to random at the moment), and it sounds good.

Bakufan19 is correct, he fell asleep on his arm, and it pinched the nerves, so the spinal chord couldn’t receive any signals from the nerve endings in his hand or arm or whatever. He went through therapy for it though, and even got some professional guitar lessons to help him recover quicker. I think he has recovered fully, cause the solos he plays on this album are just fucking awesome.

It’s hard to pick a single stand-out track on the album, because most of the songs, even the weaker ones, have atleast a couple kick ass riffs in them, followed by awesome solos. But I’d say the first three tracks are the best, “Blackmail The Universe”, “Die Dead Enough”, and “Kick The Chair”.

now that I have a job, I may have to pick this up