MegaCon Spoils

Look at all this great stuff I got:

Nuklear Age (Signed by Brian from 8-bit Theater)
8-Bit Theater Poster (Signed by Brian, singed and drawn by Scott from VG Cats)
VG Cats Poster (Singed by Scott)
Sketch of Yomiko “The Paper” Readman drawn by Scott.
Staccato Poster (Signed by Shawn, the creator)
Sketch of Ella from Staccato (signed by Shawn)
Free Ju-On The Grudge Poster
Strong Bad Email DVD (Not signed, the Chap brothers weren’t actually there)
Both sets of Homestar Character Figurines
Free Homestar Runner Coaster, Strongbadia keychain, and bumper stickers.
Some D&D dice.
Some really cool comics I bought just because it looked “cool” and “film noir”-ish, signed, with two posters he threw in, also signed.
A frizbee I found.
Other assorited anime card thingies, and a small poster or two.

Plus I talked to Brian for at least a half hour, Scott for probably over an hour, and Shawn for quite a while as well, it was so sweet.

There were also booths with porn girls, and they had binders full of lewd images.

And a friend of mine bought the entire series of Thunder Cats.

I also saw some pretty sweet ass costumes, but man there were some bad ones.

I would have bought more, but I had to restrain myself, man that sucked, there was so much cool stuff.

Fuck you.

Is envious

/envy :toast:

You’re just bitter TD! BITTER!

Then apply seasoning, BITCH.

I’ll season your FACE with my FIST. Liberally!

Master chef.

Speaking of which, I saw a Master Chief cosplayer, it was actually a really god damn good costume. That actually has nothing to do with that. :stuck_out_tongue:

On an unrelated note, I don’t care how popular you are with the “nerds”, charging 20 bucks to sign something makes you an asshole. That’s a waste of money I think. But that’s just me.

Last year at Otakon i must have blown like, ~250 bucks, and none of it on actual Manga or DVDs, just like, models, toys, posters, and other crap. I got a box of Eva pencils too, they were like 13 bucks for 7 :stuck_out_tongue:

This kind of stuff is why i love cons.

Dood, i wish I had the compelte series of the Thundercats.

Dude, you found a frisbee?

/me is envious.

The thundercat series DVDs just turned out to be TV rips of it from Cartoon Network, but they’re all there and decent quality. The DVDs weren’t even labled :stuck_out_tongue:

*Set mode +unrivaled envy


Yeah, its green. And not affiliated with MegaCon, I just found it somewhere. I probably stole it, I dunno, it was laying on a random table with no one around.

Give me a frisbee over some unlabled DVDs anyday.