Mega Man X... er, I mean, 10

Does megaman remind anybody else of tron? And whatever happened to that Megaman game that was like 3-d but not 3-d, I think it was fanmade.

Have some robot masters Spoony. 8-bit style.

Edit: Found something interesting providing a localization, no epic level screw-ups, tolerance to hardass gameplay, and whether or not you missed out on these before or simply want it all on one convenient DS card.

Yeah I saw them, and as I said elsewhere I think they look appropriately goofy. I’m looking forward to this. As long as the stages are interesting and, most importantly, the special weapons aren’t superfluous then this should be fun.

Also, I may buy that MMZ collection if they bring it over here, I never played much of the Zero series mostly due to not having a GBA, and I haven’t bothered to track down the carts once I got the DS.

The Megaman ZX games weren’t bad. The second one must have been the only MM game I’ve played to the end since the game boy ones. The hard difficulty seems to be at the masochistic level MM fans so adore, but normal is playable (and after you get certain weapons even easy until that sob boss’s final form).

Its kinda unfortunate that the ZX series was put to bed. Despite being a rather mediocre game ZXA shouldn’t have pulled a Legends 2 on everyone. But now, along with waiting for Volnutt to find a way off that spacestation, we now have to wait to see Dr. not-Light’s plan for world domination (along with what’s Biometal Z up to).

Hm, which are your favorite MM games? Mention their difficulty level as well:runaway:

I liked classic (Except 8, that one’s lukewarm to me)
Difficulty: Bullshit (MM1), Hard (2-3) to Average (the rest) as the series went on.

I like the X Serie.
Difficulty: Average to Easy (I’m looking at you, X5)

I liked the Zero serie
Difficulty: Hard to Memorisation-required hard.

I like the ZX and wish it wasn’t axed
Difficulty: Average to hard depending of boss/abilities learned.

I can’t stand Pokemans Networks and the spinoffs anymore. So I guess you could say I liked most of the serie EXCEPT the one they’re churning sequels for at breakneck speeds. As for specific ‘prefered’ titles, that’d be MM2, 6, 7, X1, X2, X8 (It was surprisingly fun) Zero 1 (The only one I actually perfected and got top scores for every mission) and ZX.

How I feel about the franchise is rather close to how Zero feels, but I’ll elaborate anyway.

Mega Man 1 - More difficult than the other games in the classic series due to more archaic game design. Playing on Virtual Console isn’t so bad since you have suspend states, but otherwise there is no means of saving your progress, no password, etc. How hard the endgame bosses are depends on whether or not you’re willing to use the Select trick. If so, easy. If not, pretty damn hard. Not as difficult a game as people make it out to be, but still challenging.

Mega Man 2 - If you play the North American version only select ‘Difficult’ or be branded a wussy. The standard difficulty from the JP release was named ‘Difficult’ and an easier mode was shoehorned in and called ‘Normal’. Entirely unnecessary because it’s not as unforgiving as the first game. It hit the challenge sweet spot and is probably my favorite game in the franchise. The only thing I might change is that freaking Wily 4 boss (alternatively, increase the ammunition of the Crash Bombs)

Mega Man 3 - Easier, though longer, than 2 but still a great title. Was the first game to bring in a distraction after beating the 8 robot masters and before going after Dr. Wily.

Mega Man 4-6 - The slow decline to mediocrity, but not bad games. Much easier and forgiving than the earlier games, not as inspired stage design.

Mega Man 7 - Bleeeeeeeh. Slow and clunky, the series did not make the transition to 16 bits very well. The sprites were over-animated and it made the gameplay feel sloppy and far less precise. Inflated with unnecessary excess and dull stages.

Mega Man 8 - See above, just worse. At least it gave us hilariously dubbed animated cutscenes. On the other hand it also gave us ‘JUMP JUMP SLIDE SLIDE’.

Mega Man & Bass (8.5) - See above again. Things are spiced up a bit by being able to play Bass, but otherwise it’s just bland.

Mega Man 9 - More more like Mega Man 2, not just in graphical design but stage design as well. Challenging stages and special weapons that finally matter again. While it feels more difficult than Mega Man 2 did, I’m willing to say the challenge is equal because I haven’t had decades to play the hell out of this one yet.

Mega Man X - Good start to a new series, and a much better 16-bit interpretation of the franchise than Mega Man 7 was. How Capcom could release something like MM7 after the X series is beyond me. Moderate challenge, perhaps like Mega Man 3.

Mega Man X2 and X3 - Not quite as elegantly designed as the first, but still solid titles. Some people abhor the music in X3.

Mega Man X4 and X5 - Now you can play as either X or Zero, mixing up the gameplay nicely. Both are relatively challenging and fun games. I like how you can approach the stage progression in X5 in multiple ways. But while Mega man 8 gave his hilarious dubbing, MMX4’s is just kind of painful.

Mega Man X6 and X7 - Awful. Terrible. Danger Will Robinson. Stay away.

Mega Man X8 - Decent, a step back in the right direction. Still a bit clumsy with its excess (we REALLY don’t care about Axl Capcom, honest), but much better designed than the previous games.

Mega Man Zero 1-4 - Never much got into the Zero series (see comment above) but from what I played they were pretty good. Nice and challenging, though I disliked how the series punished you for using gameplay features. “Here’s some Cyberelves that give you awesome abilities and bonuses, BUT YOU CAN’T USE THEM OR YOU FALL IN RANK HAHAHAHAHA” Fuck you series, I want to use what I get.

Mega Man ZX - Only played the first one, wasn’t a bad game. Mega Man Zero with a bit of a Metroidvania touch (though only slightly, this aspect wasn’t handled that well). At least there was no bullshit over using items. Difficulty is probably on par with the Zero series, maybe a little less.

Mega Man Legends - Fun game that differed vastly from the norm. Many panned it for straying so far from the formula but those who stuck with it found a fun adventure worth exploring. Also: The Bonnes. Never played Legends 2, supposedly it ended on a cliffhanger that has pissed off the fanbase till this day. Reportedly Inafune WANTS to make Legends 3, but Capcom is holding it back. Not terribly challenging.

Battle Network Tomfoolery - Never touched this series, don’t really want to. It’s Mega Man x Pokemans.

For the love of God man, play Legends 2, emulate it if you must. Yes, the ending does leave you kind of blue balled, but it’s still satisfying enough (It’s an “I want more” cliffhanger, not a “Wait, it ends THERE!?” cliffhanger) and it’s an awesome game that vastly improves on everything the first one had. The first game is sort of like an extended prologue, Legends 2 is where the meat of the spinoff is really at.

My opinion on the franchise on the whole is the same as Zero’s. I actually did sorta like Battle Networks a bit, but I got rapidly annoyed with the competency reboots (So how many times does Lan have to save the world before they stop treating him like a brat?) and the fourth game was such a massive drop in quality that I never even touched the fifth or anything after that.

I’ve always wanted to play it, but I’ve never been able to find a copy, and I’ve never been big on PSX emulation. Hopefully I’ll get to play it someday.

Also, here’s a piece of Mega Man 10 fanart I just made. I love Blade Man’s design, it’s so goofy. His sword-arms have handguards. For the hands he doesn’t have. Because they’re swords. Classic.

After thinking about it, I’ve fabricated a potential weakness order for MM10. I made one for 9 as well, which turned out to be wrong, but hey, these are usually fun. I think it’ll go like this:

Blade -> Strike -> Nitro -> Sheep -> Pump -> Solar -> Chill -> Commando

I played Legends I (emulated with a GC controller) and the controls put me off.

I’ll bookmark this thread, thanks guys.

Would that mean the return of the Wire adapter from MegaMan 4?
Don’t tell me you’ve forgotten about it!

Heh, I just started on this series last year, so I don’t know how bad it gets, but I’ve heard that the sixth game regains a lot of the series’ former glory that the fourth game lost.

Battle Network is ok, but I’ve only played the 2nd one. Personally, I’ve heard that the only good games in that series is 2 and 3 (and possibly 6, but no idea). 2 is the only one I played and completely beat (as in doing EVERYTHING, which was a pain to do).
As for the Starforce series (DS), I could care less for it. Tried playing the 3rd one, but I couldn’t get into it, since it’s so different from the BN series.

I generally like the regular series, liking 2, 3, and 6. 7’s final boss can go burn in hell. Haven’t really tried to beat 9 yet. Only played the X series up to 3, but I still love the original one the best. Haven’t played the ZX or Zero series yet.

I was pretty enthusiasctic about MMBN1 up to the point where I got bored trying to fish for Bass.exe to appear as a random encounter. OH HAI CAN HAS 17 SHADOW MAN CHIPS LOL?

As for the original series, love the goddamn music in every. single. one. Excepting 8. Damn you, 8. Favourite of the nes originals is probably 4… 2 still has that special place in my heart above all else, so it can’t be compared without going tear-eyed.

As for 9, I think I’ve reached the level where I can beat the bosses (in weakness order…) without a game over until the wily stages. I still have some trouble with Plug and Jewel every now and then (Rush Jet forgives a lot.) I think I grinded Magma Man about 15 times until I mastered the twitch small jump shoot big jump shoot just walk under shoot of his jumping style.

We now have release dates and prices here.

Also weapon and challenge information here.

Also also this and this.

Can’t view that last image, Killmore. (What’s with half of these Waffleimages pictures coming up as Forbidden?)

They’re working fine for me.

Could be Waffleimages throwing a tempertantrum. That said, its basically the previous image but with the Megaman 10 logo still on it.

And with that said, some of the weapons do look interesting like [STRIKE]Wheel Gator’s[/STRIKE] Nitro Man’s wheel cutter (basically functions like Wheel Gator’s weapon but also allows you to hold on to the blade for some buzzsaw action as well as climbing walls).

Full Opening, and some dude playing through the stages badly.

One more week til this comes out (for Wii owners at least). :slight_smile:

Triple posting to say that its up now for Wii owners.

The thing I like about the box art is the not-so-subtle hint at MMX in the design for Mega Man.