Mega Man X... er, I mean, 10

Not a hoax, Nintendo Power reveals Mega Man 10.

With Sheep Man.

This will be epic guys.

I sure hope it’s better than MM9.

Sheep man? Took them long enough. Hahaha. Awesome.

Have they ever had a Snow Man? I don’t recall one.


Well, after Splash Woman, Wily probably just figured “to hell with it” and began making the robot masters to appeal to his lonely sick old man tastes.


I had to laugh at the mock box art where Mega Man still has a gun with the Buster, and Proto Man’s apparently some sort of ninja robot with a sword and beam shield.

So apparently one stage is a computer themed stage with mouse pointer shaped enemies.

Also the plot involves looking for parts to create a cure for robots suffering from an robot fever. I suppose these parts will come in the shape of circles or squares with a letter in each like the Beat parts of old. And since this is a robot fever I suspect the letters C, E, W, B, L, O, L, and X will be involved somehow.

As to the mysterious third playable character I have six predictions.
A) Bass (the most likely)
B) Roll (she’s DUO for another outing)
C) Zero (they’d be calling the original series quits if they pull this one)
D) Auto (the comedy option)
E) Duo (who?)
F) Something completely different (maybe somebody like X, Wind Man, or annow 4)

Never mind that sheep looking robot off to the side of that robot getting its head shot off by Megaman’s other gun. (You know now I get it. That second gun is the one he fires when not facing to the right.)

Looks like I’m going to be dreaming of electric sheep tonight.

…Sheep Man?

This will either be the most awesome thing ever, or the most hilariously bad thing ever. In any case, I’m sold.

It could be worse.

I’m still waiting for Paper Man to complete the trio formed by his brothers Cut Man and Stone Man.

Actually, Wily never made Splash Woman, or any of the MM9 Robot Masters. They were Dr. Light’s designs, and Wily just reprogrammed them.

But that doesn’t disprove the lonely sick old man tastes theory.

Easy mode? If I had a Wii I’d be on that one. :sunglasses: I always suck at Mega Man games despite the fact that I like playing them.

Sinistral’s gonna love sheep man!

I still haven’t beaten MM9… that shits hard :\

Nintendo’s always ready to appeal to a new demographic.

This Robot Master better let Megaman extend his arm out to grapple onto and swing from things.

Pardon the double postin’ but…

Just like 9 you don’t have to get a Wii to play this (provided that you own a PS3/360).

Also Roll has turned evil somehow. Most likely due to the un-cold.

I recently saw footage of Sheep Man’s level being played. My impressions are good; I think Mega Man 9 relied too much on instant death traps, and once you figured them out, you pretty much never died. MM10, or at least what I saw of Sheep Man’s level, seems to indicate that the ‘tons-of-deathtraps’ has been scaled back a lot. So, I’m definitely more excited for the game than I was before.

Another interesting stage element that I noticed in that video was a sandstorm in one of the stages blinding the player and preventing them from making progress until it passed. Things like that were mostly lacking in IX.

Edit: The same trailer but different somehow.

Double post for great justice!

Also robot master names.

Get your lists ready!