Mega Man Thread

Was was the bset Mega Man Game You played yet?

Don’t care about system or age.

My favourites Are…

Mega Man zero 3/2

Mega Man X

Mega Man 4

Mega Man 5 for NES. The bosses are varied and interesting, the music is excellent, the level design is great, and the game is always fun. I like Mega Man 3 for NES for the same reasons, even if the music isn’t near as good as 5 or 4.

Dalton for Remixes of old games for various Systems check out OC Remixes…

To tell you the truth, I don’t like the remixes. I prefer the original NES instrumentation, and the hard rock versions just hurt my head.

hmm i can get some… I have Bubbleman and Skullman yet more to come…

Oh forget it just found a website! ican dowload them now :slight_smile:

Megaman 2, and X 2.


Megaman Zero series
Megaman X, X2, X4
Megaman 2, 3, 6

Question: What the fuck capcom? You made X4 with cutscenes and it even had music that reminded me slightly of what megaman X is supposed to be (SNES style music, ala iron maiden feeling) and yet X5-X7 are like some kinda fucked up Anime crap. The music went downhill, the gameplay was still good and hard, but the story also got shot to crap when you raised our expectations with x4 and CUTSCENES and then took them away from us ever since.

Final note: Megaman X should never be 3d, what they are doing pains me.

Rockboard is the best Mega Man game ever. End of debate.



Mega Man 4.

Mega Man 3
Mega Man X
Mega Man 8
Mega Man X4

In that order too.

MM3 easily… one of my all time fav games

Megaman Soccer

Megaman 2, 4, X, and X3.