Mega Man Battle Network 2

Please give this a good looking-over and leave some comments.

<b>Character Bios</b>: Huge space between “Navi as well as” and “Good guys.” Some grammar mistakes.

<b>Key Items</b>: Decrease the table width, center it and possibly the text.

<b>Jobs</b>: Good, but center text at the top of the tables - it looks funny.

<b>Library</b>: Use periods at the end of your sentences both inside and outside of the table. You’re using them, but you’re leaving them off like I’m about to

<b>Mother Computer Puzzle</b>: Looks fine - integrate it into the Walkthrough. Who likes being told to click/look at a different page to get information that should be right there in the first place?

<b>Program Advance Guide</b>: Again, periods. They come in singles for the most part, not pairs…

<b>Quizzes</b>: Fine.

<b>Shop List</b>: Decrease the table width, periods at the end of sentence, and add a colon at end of “Here’s the list.”

<b>Style Changes</b>: Good job.

<b>Trade list</b>: Looks fine.

<b>Viruses</b>: Alrighty.

<b>Walkthrough</b>: Looks fine, but maybe you should make shorter paragraphs. Minor grammar mistakes. Also, try centering and bolding the new scenes. Perhaps underlining them.

Other than that, it looks good. I haven’t actually played this, so I just looked over the content.

Bosses: Where’d this section go?

Character bios: Bigger images, longer blurbs (seriously, these are pointless), there’s no reason to put name and blurb in the same field. Group characters and their .exe more clearly. Center the table contents.

Key items: This section is rather useless, add when you get said items and when they’re used. Center the table contents.

Jobs: Note more clearly which job needs what license. Center the table contents.

Library: Add chip pictures. Add images of chips in use. Describe what the chips do beyond what it says in-game. Make the elemental chart stand out more (image, colours, whatever). Colour code the chips. Show where they’re obtained (as applicable). Center the table contents.

Mother Computer Puzzle: This doesn’t need a seperate page, merge with walkthrough, there’s a reason god gave us anchors. To piss Ori off. Maybe spoiler-tag the answers. Center the table contents.

Program Advances: Merge with regular chips page. All other chips comment apply here as well. Add gameshark/codebreaker stuff for haxxored chips. Center the table contents.

Quizzes: Pictures of the guys that give the quizzes, and their locations. Can also be merged into walkthrough. Center the table contents.

Shops: Images of the stores, anchorized index. Center the table contents.

Style Changes: Note where chng.bat is gotten anyway, as well as where the style change is. Stop whining about bandwith and add the proper pics (every element of every version). Make elemental chart stand out more. Go into more detail about styles, explain HubStyle, etc. Generally expand on the miniscule amount of info given here. Center the table contents.

Trades: Decide on a name for the page, images of people that want the trades, link to stuff that’s wanted/given. Center the table contents.

Viruses: (bigger) images of everything, colour coding, details, center the table contents. I forgot if MMBN2 had exp, if it does, add exp given here. Center the table contents.

Walkthrough: shite, split up into multiple pages/use anchors. Tables and images go a long way towards readability. It’s a shrine, not a FAQ.

General: A good deal of content missing, needs a good grammar check, reorganize pages. Add anchors. Someone tell her that not all tables need to be 100% jesus, and center the content in tables. Also a bunch of tables without the proper backgrounds etc. Pretty messy coding, but whatever. Also the blurbs on a lot of pages are useless and either need to be scrapped, expanded on, or just plain made up to date. Needs a general info section.

Were you playing in “Hard Mode” when you wrote the walkthrough? There were a lot of virus groupings mentioned that I didn’t recognize, and I know one of the changes for Hard mode is the viruses you face in one-time battles such as license exams. The bosses’ HP values all seemed to be from normal mode, though. I think you should include the virus groupings from both difficulties so we know what to expect. It would also be nice if you included a list of all of FreezeMan’s ice-cube roadblocks and what viruses pop out of each of them.

I would like to add that I got a 404 for the other half of the chip library.

Also how did I miss this thread back in '007?

Oh, yeah, that is definitely a problem. Someone needs to take the tildes out of the links at the bottom of that page. will bring you to the second half.

I think you’ve got it backwards. As the page explains, you only need the B License to do any jobs, but new jobs only appear at certain points in the story. Those points ought to be noted on the page, though. Some license exams actually require you to complete some jobs first: The page does note that you have to do Mission1, Mission2, and Mission3 when you want to take the A License exam, and I read somewhere that you have to do all the jobs to take the S License exam, and reach a very high level to take the SSS License exam, though I haven’t confirmed all of that.

A few of the jobs require you to give an item away in order to complete them, so there also should be a column that notes all such items.

No, the Battle Network games don’t have the traditional experience points collection for leveling up. MegaMan’s “level” is based solely on what number of the finite power-up items he’s collected so far. You mainly battle just to get more battle chips and money. But there is a point system to the Style Changes. A certain number of battles triggers a new Style Change, and part of the Style is based on how you fought in all those battles, with a “point” awarded to Guts, Custom, Shield, or Team at the end of each battle to tally which style the player favored most. You can also level up a Style by fighting a lot of battles, the exact number depending on the Style. So that should all be noted on the Style Changes page if someone finds exact values for all that.

I’ve also heard that the ability to run away from viruses in fewer turns or to use SneakRun to avoid them entirely depends on whether MegaMan’s level is higher than some hidden “level” number that the virus has. If someone can find all those level numbers, then they could be noted on the Viruses page.

Since we’re still critiquing his MMBN2 shrine, there’s something I want to say/type. The viruses page, I think, needs a lot of work. First and foremost, the virus sprites are very inconsistent. Aside from the fact that they seem extremely low res and the attempt at trying to make the background transparent seems to be at a miss, some viruses are facing one direction, others facing another. Also, there didn’t seem to be any sort of attempt to capture the sprites where some have extra spaces on the side. Also, might just be me, but it looks like this guy just took the VacuumFan and the WindBox sprites from somebody else’s shrine/website.

In a nutshell, kind of a disservice to the game itself, which hardly makes it a “shrine” that’s representative of RPGC.

(Kind of makes me want to go buy a new computer just to finish my shrine.)

Hmm, yes, and though I disagree with Rhaka and think the left-justified text looks fine, I think the sprites would look nicer centered in the tables. I also disagree that Program Advances needs to be merged with the Chip Library section, as the Program Advances list is long enough to stand on its own, and it’s something you would want to look up without looking at the Chip Library first, especially since the Library is already two pages long.

And since we were discussing how to reach the second Library page, it occurred to me that the “xxxHP as a Boss xxxHP as a Navi” bits on the Navi chips are confusing to read. Anything that pertains to how the boss is fought belongs in a separate Bosses section. The “Element/Type” column is confusing as well; the “Type” isn’t anything official, just an unhelpful flavor word. The column should be simply “Element”, and a blurb should be added to further explain how the chip is used. Some of the "N/A"s for chip damage could be replaced by numbers in cases where the game doesn’t list an attack value, but the chip can do damage in certain situations. My classic example is how PanelOut and AreaSteal chips cause 10 damage if they hit an opponent instead of an empty panel. Or think of the Shadow chips, whose charge shots become StepSwords with an attack value of 80. I also don’t see why secret chips couldn’t be listed. You’ve got the 10 (not 9) chips you can only win by battling another player with enough experience (3 stars on title screen or something like that?). I haven’t done it yet, but I’ve read that you can win a Sanctuary chip legitimately the first time you beat Hard Mode. So you might as well “add gameshark/codebreaker stuff for haxxored chips” as Rhaka said and get GateManSP and the four Gospels in there as well. Finally, why aren’t Regular Memory MB values listed for each chip?

Character Bios I agree isn’t very helpful. Maybe there could be a “Spoiler” version where you list everything each character does for you and where they all appear throughout the game. And why is Megaman’s graphic stretched out?

Key Items might be easier to take in if you break it up into categories of items, where each category gets its own table.

I think I would like the Shop List better if multiple HPMemories sold by one dealer were grouped together onto one line, with their total number in the left box, and the whole sequence of prices in one box on the right. Then I would have an easier time seeing where the HPMemories end and other items begin. And I think this list is missing an item or two. Didn’t the Den Area 3 dealer also sell a PowerUp for 5000z? Someone needs to double-check all those.

If you want to do some crazy amounts of research, you could extend the Trades page to include all the battle chips that are possible to receive from the chip exchanger machines throughout the game, as well as what kind of trading you can do while linked to another game.

Ooh, and I see some more problems with the Viruses page. For one thing, the sorting isn’t consistent. Some virus families are spread far apart due to not sharing initial letters, while other virus families are grouped together despite breaking the alphabetical order. And the weakness column is just plain wrong for many of them, saying Elec is weak to Aqua when it should be Wood, for instance.

Ah, you may be right. Not only are they facing the opposite direction from StormBox, but I just noticed that they’re the only images that don’t have that ugly dithering pattern. Perhaps they should all be re-captured in better quality.

Personally, being a person who has played this game very very throughly think that you should do 1 thing and I’m not sure if you have but i thought i would mention it.

Theres is a trick in this game that allows you to get infinite amounts of “you may only get it once” chips that may be lying on the floor. to do this you need to be able to beat the final boss and save before you pick up the chip lying on the ground. you pick up the item, and beat the last boss without saving and you return to your game with the chip and your still able to pick up another. this is just slightly important for AreaGrabs [] and swords[] and it can really make things more easy. I recommend giving it its own section or include it inside the FAQs. and sorry its been forever since i played this game…

Man, that’s a lot of waster white (pardon, blue) space.