Meet the videogame verison of Mazrim!

<img src=“”> I bet all of you know the legend about Mazrim, the big hair brainiac. But did you ever wonder if he has a videogame counterpart? Well wonder no more, for I have proof that Mazrim has been cloned!

<img src=“”>

<img src=“”>

<img src=“”> Yes, Mazrim has been cloned in the game Gemfire for the SNES. Marvel in that red afro and goofy blue shirt that his game portait gives out! I just now wonder if there is a videogame verison of Sinistral?

No, their hair is different. Lord Hubert does not have an afro.

<img src=“”> Are you sure, Perc? Because his hair seems to be flying off screen.

TD, care to show us your PSO character again? >_>

clears throat

-Mazrim Taim

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TD, care to show us your PSO character again? >_>

<img src=“”> Lost the pic and demo, and still haven’t hooked up my video-in. Sorry.

Maz, your new avvie scares me ^^;; You remind a bit about Sin…

Yeah, what’s with the face paint?

Indeed, the almighty ‘Avatar image’ has been switched with something else… but wait… is that Billy in my avatar viewer? It looks to me like many avatars are changing…

It also looks like Mazrim is wearing face-paint… or something… or… or…

Or maybe the person who said he has been replaced with an alien clone is right. >.>

As I’ve said before, I like the face paint Maz =P

Forget Merl, Maz r teh dev0l!

How sad, it turned out it wasn’t a binary version of Mazarim after all.

Freaky avatar. But not really, I’ve seen worse.

It’s Sharpie marker. And it’s modeled after Kefka’s face paint in the FFA FMV opening to FF6, but I’m not skilled enough to make it look exactly like that. oh well.

-Mazrim Taim

<img src=“”> Neat avatar Maz, I should make a custom version of Hubert wearing that makeup. :smiley:

I see the resemblance, minus the smirk. No biggie. Nice new look Maz btw.

I must own this game!

Yeah, Kefka sports the Marilyn Manson look in Anthology.

I’m more wondering about Maz’s title.

Yeah, don’t fuck with me bitch. I’ll…color your face off. Or something.

And it’s not so much a “new look” as a “thing I decided to do one day cause I was bored.”

-Mazrim Taim