Meditation and you.

Anyone actually meditate?
A friend of mine does it… and he says stuff about sending energy to certain portions of the brain to maintain meditation, but I’ve heard about focusing on a single object helps more…
Is there a good way to tell how to meditate?

Meditation should be defined as breathing exercizes and mind cleansing. Whether or not you believe and use energy channelling in your meditation experiences should be kept personal.

edit: I meditate.

I’m extremely interested in learning how to do it… I’ve attempted it many times, but I doubt I did it properly.

There’s a thread on it already, but it’s old so you’ll have to do some searching. It’s all full of “first you position yourself like this, then you breath like that”, but I think you should stick to the basics: stay in any a comfortable position (find your own most comfortable one) and then empty your mind completely. Breathing exercises, if used, should be oriented by someone who has some deep knowledge of it.

The point to meditating (and its use) is to decrease stress. Stress affects your body in more ways than you can imagine and actually leads to a shorter life.

I find meditating during university lectures actually helps a lot if you can get away with it and remember not to snore.

Just try to not think about anything for like half an hour or something. Absolutely <i>nothing</i>. It’s nearly impossible.

This is purely a spiritual belief: but be wary when you empty your mind of everything, when your mind is empty, it is open to a number of malevolent spirits or demons.

I have never meditated before

Or just think of one thing, like a face

I did once, I felt really stoned afterwards.

And my mother teaches yoga.

I use breathing techniques to deal with stress whenever I’m performing/competing in anything.

Does that count?

Shouldn’t that be when you lower your spiritual barriers? But then again, how did you come to that belief?

Do spiritual barriers’ controls come in knobs like volume or channel tuning?

Eh, I’m not a very spiritual person, think that might affect my experience?

you don’t need to be spiritual to relax…I imagine it all depends on your mind and your concentration, and whether you can focus or not. Mental power, yeah.

Eva: no, they don’t. If I have to use a metaphor for it, then it’s like a cloth or a skin.

Steve: absolutely not.

Meditating is easy. All you have to do is not think.

Second hand information. Most recent thing I heard was from my mom when she talked about seeing your own aura. In order to see it, you have to look into a mirror and blank out your mind, and unless you’re strong you could in theory be in danger. I know that has little to nothing to do with meditating, it was just the thinking of nothing that reminded me of it.